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  1. I've never played an eastern mmo that had a story worth following. In fact no mmo really. ESO would probably be the closest. Most MMOs are very formulaic: spam quests while ignoring quest text to get max level, grind dungeons/raids/pvp for best gear, wait for next content drop so you can replace the gear you've already grinded with better gear. They're called MMORPGs but you can safely leave the RPG part off of most.
  2. Maybe you're playing the wrong class? Try the kung fu master, it's the most complex in the game IMO. If that doesn't do it for you then nothing else in BNS probably will.
  3. There goes my whole day....

    No salt here, I'm perfectly fine with the queues. In fact I'm in a 2k queue right now and yet not coming here to bellyache about it like you entitled snowflakes.
  4. The combat in this game is too difficult for 95% of gamers, which is why this will be another niche game like Tera which has far more basic combat. Go play a FPS that is purely skill based if you find this too easy.
  5. There goes my whole day....

    Plays a game that just released Bitches about queues K
  6. PVP A little broken and boring.

    You being bad at pvp =/= bad pvp. L2p issue, nothing to see here.
  7. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    Wah wah wah. A lot of games are forcing a 1 time purchase to use mail and such. It's to keep the gold spammer abuse down, and it works. Buy the cheapest package once, and quit bellyaching.
  8. It's not a gold sink. Gold sinks remove gold from the game. Repair bills, vendor bought items etc. are gold sinks. The loot system in this game merely redistributes gold, but none is lost from the economy.
  9. really irriatated

    That should be a word because it's pretty fun to say.
  10. I'm one of the 3 people that won the recent 1.5 billion USD powerball drawing, and so I decided to spend $50,000 on NCoin so the limit must be pretty high.
  11. Tired Of It

  12. 190mins wait to play?

    You guys are some serious launch noobs. This has happened at the launch of almost every MMO in the last decade. If you can't handle it, don't ever install another MMO that's been out for less than a month. I just saved you hours and hours of incessant bitching and moaning and bellyaching like little gimme gimme entitled children. Thank me later.
  13. Queue is BS!!!

    Obvious ploy to sell premium is obvious. No afk timer? Thousands of bots left unchecked? Low server caps? K.