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  1. How To get Rid of Bots!!!!!

    These are all the worst ideas I've ever heard. By hiding basic necessary features behind paywalls you're just making it pay to play. These "solutions" do nothing but punish players for trying to just play the game. Buying but not being able to sell is only going to destroy the in game economy. It's a small obstacle for bots and a massive deterrent for genuine players.
  2. Some questions to the community

    Man I wish there were more like you around. I need to find a mentor since I'm level 41 and still have no idea what I'm doing. Finding a decent competitive guild isn't an option because they all want you to be Lv 50 and HM5+ (whatever the hm stuff means anyway). No one's willing to take on people trying to get good, you have to be magically good first. I don't want to use another guild just to do that.
  3. Request: No race specific classes

    I'm all for this. I can't stand the anatomy of the Gon and Yun nor their passive pose. I only like Jin. Lyn are ok but I'm not into cute aesthetic.
  4. I quit GW2 because the graphics were... technically good, yes. But entirely uninspired. World, armour and weapons are overall incredibly boring. I don't care if BnS has larger boobs and legs four times of length of the torso, it has much better, skillful play and breathtaking environments. I can also put way more detailed personalized customization into my character. I honestly think GW2's failing was trying too hard to encourage community play. If everyone gets credit for everything (which in most cases makes sense), no one has a reason to talk to each other beyond role play. Guilds never had a tight sense of community there because they were too incentivized to join.
  5. Gold scammers¿?

    This information is required for them to solve the issue. They won't be able to charge anything to your card only by knowing the last 4 numbers, it's just to reference it against transactions on their end. AFAIK, they cannot actually see your credit information in full, that's only known to third party merchants. The travel question is to confirm unknown IPs accessing your account, to make sure that they are still yourself.
  6. KFM or Soul Fighter?

    Hey guys. I came back to BnS after a while and saw the new SF class so I took it to level 25 to try it out. I'm trying to decide which class I want to main. Well now that I got my SF to 25, it feels like suddenly got different. I like that she has range capabilities but I absolutely hate that she has little to no blocking ability. It just doesn't make sense to me that a class with melee capabilities/ focus can't defend itself very well from melee opponents. She does have one block with a very short time frame but long cool down and the tab to switch stance seriously annoys me that it's not a permanent switch. That makes no sense to me either. Sometimes mid fight It'll randomly switch back to melee and I'm throwing punches instead of snowballs and it takes a couple secs to realize, in which I could be taking damage or getting stunned. I do like the theory of this class but I don't think it was executed very well. I'm starting to get the impression that despite being a hybrid, it became a weaker version of it's parent classes. But I also could be playing it horribly wrong, and/ or I get access to new skills at higher levels that help? Can you guys with end game or near end game give me some insights to this class? P.S I'm looking for serious insight instead of patriotic class bias.
  7. Australia PvP

    By moving to Canada. Heh, I joke. I feel sorry for you guys. I remember how bad it was.
  8. Larger breasts size

    I never put words in your mouth, I just showed you what you're saying at the very core of it when you take the fluff away. Turns out you don't like it, no surprises there. By the way since your understanding of bigotry of obviously borrowed directly from Tumblr, a bigot is someone who wants to restrict the choices to only the choices they themselves would make. In other words, "You're not allowed to like what I don't like". So let's break this down: You: The choice for breasts on Lyn should not be allowed because I think it's sexual and therefore no one should be allowed to do it. Me: I would like the choice for breasts on Lyn because I want to change my character and I don't care what other people do with theirs. There is no aggression in my post. If you seriously cannot handle arguments, don't post on the internet.
  9. 6 Days to delete a character?????

    Huh? I'm deleting a character right now as a f2p and it only took 5 minutes...
  10. What's Your Opinion About Queue?

    My opinion is that people complaining about qeues for some reason laughably believe themselves to be more important than everyone else. The game is new. Lots of people want to play. You're asking NCSoft to make concessions, just for you, the apparently one special snowflake out of thousands of players. Stop whining and making duplicate threads. Just wait a few weeks for the servers to stabilize and you can play to your heart's content. Missing out on pixels isn't going to kill you.
  11. Larger breasts size

    Dude you entirely missed the point. You are so completely self absorbed in your own perspective (where you see the Lyn as an inherently sexualized race) that you fail to undestand that not everyone sees them this way. I and other people are advocating giving them breasts so that they can be pint sized fully grown women, because playing girls with woman hips and faces yet child chests in bikinis is disturbing to some. Unless of course, you're so against this idea because somehow a certain ratio of height + boobs = sex in your narrow mind. Lyn can be old, child-like, middle aged and teenaged depending on how you mix the sliders. If they give you this incredible freedom in every other aspect there is literally no reason you should not be able to have the whole body match the age. Your entire argument is that you do not like that they are sexualized as they currently are (to you), so you will not allow anyone else the choice to make them un-sexualized to themselves because somehow your perspective is universal law. You know I absolutely hate giant bug eyed dorito chinned anime girls with high pitched voices, but do you see me going around advocating these choices to be taken out of character creation just because I don't like them? No. Because I'm not a narcissistic self important jerk who thinks the entire world should revolve around my personal tastes.
  12. Unofficial server demographics?

    It's really difficult to infer someone's real world location based on anime avatars.
  13. Larger breasts size

    So you're saying having breasts is inherently sexual? You can't just have them and be normal?
  14. Larger breasts size

    As a girl (and an artist), I'd like to see sizes on both ends for larger and smaller breasts. I was surprised actually, given the art concepts and such I expect sizes more along the lines of other games (I'm thinking Tera, but I can't really remember. They did have really weird jello bodies though.) The only thing that didn't surprise me is the boob physics and superposition bra haha. It would be cool if that were an option you could turn off. The only other thing that bugs me about character creation is the waist for females. Selecting a character "build" for both genders is just choosing between mixed body proportions. That's not a build. I'd kill to be able to make a proper hour glass or straight build on girls by adjusting how the waist cuts in at the sides. All that said though, this game is obviously following a highly stylized artistic direction of Hyung Tae Kim. While I think some aspects of his style are kinda whack like rocket boobs, greasy skin and CLAMP legs, he's still an amazing artist all the same. Much respect.
  15. Queue Times? Get over yourself!

    I love how people are whining that this game (premium) is a scam. Yeah you know, NCsoft is actually a psy op conspiracy. They paid off gaming journalists to psychically manipulate everyone into flooding their generous amount of servers so that everyone would be forced into paying premiums for queue. It's not like anyone had any will of their own and just liked the same bloody game and wanted to try it out as soon as possible, or that anyone has a choice as to whether they want to pay for a PM during or after gameplay. No, that's quack talk. There's totally a screen that pops up and forces you to buy NCoin so you can even continue. Jesus christ you insufferable whiny children. Get another hobby it's not going to kill you. Give it 2 weeks and the servers will stabilize, or rather it'll stabilize because all the whiny entitled children leave because quitting is easier than being patient.