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  1. I never put words in your mouth, I just showed you what you're saying at the very core of it when you take the fluff away. Turns out you don't like it, no surprises there. By the way since your understanding of bigotry of obviously borrowed directly from Tumblr, a bigot is someone who wants to restrict the choices to only the choices they themselves would make. In other words, "You're not allowed to like what I don't like". So let's break this down: You: The choice for breasts on Lyn should not be allowed because I think it's sexual and therefore no one should be allowed to do it.
  2. Dude you entirely missed the point. You are so completely self absorbed in your own perspective (where you see the Lyn as an inherently sexualized race) that you fail to undestand that not everyone sees them this way. I and other people are advocating giving them breasts so that they can be pint sized fully grown women, because playing girls with woman hips and faces yet child chests in bikinis is disturbing to some. Unless of course, you're so against this idea because somehow a certain ratio of height + boobs = sex in your narrow mind. Lyn can be old, child-like, middle aged and teenaged dep
  3. So you're saying having breasts is inherently sexual? You can't just have them and be normal?
  4. As a girl (and an artist), I'd like to see sizes on both ends for larger and smaller breasts. I was surprised actually, given the art concepts and such I expect sizes more along the lines of other games (I'm thinking Tera, but I can't really remember. They did have really weird jello bodies though.) The only thing that didn't surprise me is the boob physics and superposition bra haha. It would be cool if that were an option you could turn off. The only other thing that bugs me about character creation is the waist for females. Selecting a character "build" for both genders is just
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