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  1. Another BD or BM Question

    Bump? if someone doesnt feel like answering maybe they can push me into another post like this one?
  2. So im a returning player, i quit around the release of Warlock and Hongmoon levels. Now I'm back and i see that the skill system has been redone. On to my question though, before quitting i remember having quite a bit of fun with Blademaster, Once i got to the point where i could use draw stance more (the lightning sword) the class suddenly felt MUCH faster and fluid and fun. Has that changed at all since then? Also i think partially on top of that what i liked about Blademaster was being safe, blocking and then retaliating with quick lightning blade attacks. Now i never played Lyn Blademaster (BD) Im curious how you all would compare there 2, and again since the skill system has changed how much did it change from what it used to be. Which do you all feel plays faster and more fluid? Does Lyn Blademaster get a draw stance as well? can i whip out the sword and do quick stricks, then Q or E behind the enemy and continue? Any replies would be great, thanks in advance :)
  3. thats weird cause on my server Junghado i no longer see that, my block list only as 8 bots on it and all chats are clear
  4. Warlocks with patch on Feb 10th.

    they said on stream that warlocks will come in a few months so its to be expected at least 2 months away
  5. It didn't work. RIP Faction chat.

    Im on Junghado server and i only have 6 bots on my block list, all chats (faction, world, party) are all clean of it seemed to have heavily worked imo,i havent seen a bot in the past 7 hours
  6. but you cant say One of when thats not true. you tried to say "One of the lowest" so you could be safe if you were wrong, but instead its one of the highest in terms of sustained
  7. You said it right here....what are you trying to defend? you said it, now move on...
  8. How was your money wasted if it says that it was refunded?
  9. pretty sure EU servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany...
  10. He was wishing oceanic people good luck, and they all took it as an insult, so its understandable why hes mad. He just wanted things to work out but was welcomed with rude comments. Wow you people are rude...calling Americans selfish when you're all just being mean to someone who wanted you to be successful? what the hell?
  11. you cant blame the game because players lose interest....not everyone has the time/ wants to play the same game for years. everyone gets bored at times. Especially with the hype for this game high (some are still finding it boring) new MMO's die down after a month or two, because people get their characters to max level, play the end game content, then get bored, it just happens like that.
  12. Thanks for the new outfits!

    This game has 1,000,000 or more players....theres too many people playing for you to be the only person to think this idea
  13. Looks black, but the shine on it looks greenish? What?
  14. I have no idea what this place is

    You're in the dungeon lobby....leave the party and it will ask you to go back to matchmaking thing
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Upload Images to Imgur and post the bbc code for forums (when you upload a pic to imgur at the bottom on the right it will show he diferent links to use) Also they implemented a system that only people lvl 10+ can use chats, but its not fully working atm, so give them a little more time to hotfix it