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  1. Living through the era of terrible new(ish) genre design and being vanity has little to do with anything. While I didn't play any late 90's online games, I had my fair share of FFXI grinding. Having played games with grinding doesn't mean it's an acceptable design for current markets. Being smug and throwing your "back in may day" narratives doesn't do anything for an inevitable sink of the game's population which will then spawn issues you will probably care more about. I've seen this happen time and time and time again from games i wanted to care about, but no one learns and the hardcore fan
  2. Don't be generic. People play games to enjoy it. There's nothing enjoyable about 150+ times for one small visual items, a process that is repeated whenever you want something else. News flash, it is gratifying to be rewarded for your work, and not by trying 200 times to get something and watching someone else walk in and get it on their 2nd try and you never getting it due to how heavily luck-based it (and the rest of your systems are). RNG is a wonderful tool for prolonging a game and even making it interesting. Being unable to control yourself with ridiculous RNG is a sign of a poor designer
  3. I quit after trying 150 times to just get the red mask. I avoided Korean games for this exact reason and swore I wouldn't get burned again, but I gave this game the benefit of the doubt because they said they wanted to "Westernize" it and make it suitable for the target market, when in reality, as far as I can tell they did the exact opposite. Here's the thing about RNG, RNG is fine, it can prolong a game, the difference between a collection of items that drop in an average of 2 times versus 10 times is a factor of 5. That's effective lengthening. RNG works better when it's masked,
  4. It must have something to do with the stances changing then. I also play Force Master. Could be why no one else is experiencing it. I'm not sure if this is the thing that causes it, but I noticed I don't have the issue anymore once I made sure my elements are not touching anymore (the black boxes around my skill have no over-lap). Because of this, they no longer try to swap positions. Its not ideal, i wish i could compact my skills a bit more, but this at least fixes the overlapping skillbars.
  5. Their strafe skills teleport 7m or 10m behind the enemy, so if used at near the same time, lag could potentially cause that I'm sure.
  6. "Allow us to bail out of bidding when we have the highest bid. When you bail, the last person who bid becomes the top bidder, The bid also goes back to what you bid on. " The OP wants to be able to drop out of a highest bid, because he keeps clicking on bid-boosts, and thinks the issue would be solved if he could just leave the max bid. It would just make the current troll trick even easier and wouldn't fix the problem, as people would be dropping the bid. Ideally, people just pay attention, and when the troll drops out because he doesn't want to get caught with the troll-bid, the
  7. The difference between now (boosting price) and the suggested method is that it's zero risk. They can boost it and not have to worry about either a.) eating the price or b.) leaving the room and not being able to roll on any other drops. The suggested system would allow someone to boost it as high as they wanted to try to phish for quick-click bidders, and if no one fell for it, they could just deny the rest of the bid and still attempt to troll the next rolls instead.
  8. This whole thing, as already said, would be abused by the idea that you can bid just to inflate the price and cancel, effectively setting the price for other players, even if you don't want the item. you think tricking people is toxic, give those players full control over the price and you'll really see toxic.
  9. Personally, I don't feel high HP means anything. I never support super-boosting HP with the intent of making something difficult. Now, if it was slowed down or the boss's damage was gutted you might have me, and while attrition does play some role in difficulty, it's pretty much the most boring aspect, so I can't say I care about this particular instance of nerfing. Maybe this could be why there's less outrage?
  10. There's a no-profile bot now on my server (Soha) that can't even be blocked. The name of the character is a website itself and it has no inspect info and cannot be blocked. XD
  11. Rotating minimap is a thing, on your minimap click the scope icon called "Change to tracking map."
  12. If I'm not mistaken this is the EU version, US people get a different costume, they're based on some NA and EU design contest winners.
  13. I liked the bid system... If there's no one specifically going for what you need you get it for free (practically), and if not, everyone ends up getting some money for it. Its honestly a good way to KEEP people from having such deep pockets, if they drop large amounts of cash, everyone benefits, including the economy, I'd say. I've certainly come to like it.
  14. Joining an arena fight (once it puts you inside) screws up the UI for me. It moves my action bars, shifting them around causing them to stack/overlap. Once I leave it's back to normal. Incredibly frustrating...
  15. There's actually a lot wrong with this. Why did you bring this to my attention? Now it's bugging me. :/
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