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  1. What server should i pick

    Q_Q i just wanna server to play with peeps man
  2. What server should i pick

    also i do have a maxed leveld character on a server but it was back when que was terrible. and none of my friends play anymore so i wanna start fresh xD rip 6min left still downloading even tho i left it on over night T^T #that momment when your to excited to return to bns QWQ im jumping around in excitement BUT the biggest question is. should i be guy or girl D: last time i was a girl and i feel like making me a fem boy cuz there cute x3 but i dunno Q_Q
  3. What server should i pick

    NA i play both tbh owo not to much of a diffrence xwx they both lag LOL alright ^u^ and sorry for the late reply i had to let it download
  4. What server should i pick

    i wanna pick a server to play on and i want a group of friends i can play with if anyone has a sevrer they can suggest ill be thankful
  5. tht link is 3 bot spammers and i counted a toatal 37 bots in tht town
  6. i was beyond ferious when i seen this the whole town was full of them
  7. https://gyazo.com/6757497b3778b96ab6b7af2f9b0f8f92 this right here is why theres a que
  8. i will go to any server i dont mind waiting the que xD just lemme know what server and ur name

    they arent down ive been logged in for almost 5 minutes now silly o-o and yeah i didnt think abotu task maneger im stupid T-T

    im going to open a stream to show you all how to fix it e-e if you dont stop boo hooing


    completely uninstall it like CONTROL PANEL DELETE PROGRAMS and re install it so STOP whining IT WORKS OKI Q-Q i trying to help

    EVERYONE calm down xD Redownload it look PERFECTLY FINE https://gyazo.com/02a0797278583ae3f4bb7edf0a1f560a

    ok so everyone i got on. i redownloaded the whole thing and it works perfectly fine just try uninstalling and redoing it o - o

    i do know what i am talking about o-o and i do know what a ddos is. everyone loves the game so far so its exspected that theres gunna be idiots who wanna do stuff like that and technically it is but isnt a ddos it would actualy just be legit hacking not a ddos o-o

    its a ddos :l the way it crashed says it all
  17. not rlly xD..... so where can people get married on blade and soul i heard marrage is possible
  18. ok so you know how theres clans or whatever. the ice and fire. its not to big of a deal for people who read the suit but for me just taking it off is hard i didnt know and i put the suit on ever sense tht momment i was being attack after i died i tried to click 3 but when i did THE GIRL ATTACKING ME REVIVED ME. and it was a vicious ongoing circle. first off please if you cand make it where they CANT revive there enemy if he/she is wearing the opposite suit. secound obviously its bugged cuz i spammed 3 so much trying to revive and get away. when i did manage to get away it told me i couldnt take it off because she revived me so i ran. i get the timelimits so people dont kill then instantly takeit off but here i am trying to run and i cant take it off or run away cuz they just kill and revive! and when your in bamboo city place the town has full of the opposite team and when you try to run to the portal thingy theres 4 to 5 waiting around just for noobs like me so they can do the same shit only reason i happend to get away was cuz I CRASHED. do someting about the entire thing because i refuse to keep on dying loseing dura and getting humilitated all cuz i didnt know what the suit DID. first time playing one of these games for alot of us e.e ty ^-^ ( dont taketht as me being mad im frustrated cuz they made fun of me while doing it)
  19. theres a bug kinda and a problem

    and thank you for taking the time to read and reply ^o^
  20. theres a bug kinda and a problem

    i stream alot so if you need proof of this whole thing i can happily show too. but u may hear fowl language of me swearinf at my computer cuz of it. take your time btw >.> making the game run beter and getting the ques down more and more are hard enough those defeinatly are #1 on ur list and i wouldnt blame u xD
  21. theres a bug kinda and a problem

    and watch when i finally get inwith thise que (dont care about the que ik ur doing ur best u made it alot faster then before ^^) i bet im going to get killed instantly as i get on cuz there just sitting there waiting for everyone to pass by
  22. Queue is BS!!!

    u go play tera >.> but in 48 hours come back cuz there making new servers
  23. make or join a facebook group, make a blog, website or etc so we dont clog up the forums. if we keep ranting and etc about it here there wasting working time trying to make us all happpy by replying to tickets that are pretty much copys of tickets over and over. why dont we all make it easier on them ik i hate the que too but if we make everything harder on them itll never be solved or fixed. like me (im not posting the link because last post got deleted so i assume its not allowed ^^) i made a group on facebook for blade and soul so people cant rant, make fposts, meet friends and ive been helping by going on each server and giving everyone estimites of the ques so we can kinda even things out cuz alot of servers like yehara and hajoon are emptier and faster to get into at times
  24. what is the stupidest animal in the jungle? . . . . . . . . . . the Polar bear
  25. i know for a fact its not my computer i get a frame rate of 60+ and ik my computer very well, i know my internets great cuz ping was 12 when i was on. i waited forever for it to MAGICALLY poof shut off without warning. im done with this till you fix it im gone goodbye !