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  1. Exploit or ok?

    This /thread
  2. Extremely shady stuff from NCsoft

    No one can use the name till the 1 year period has expired! Not even the original account holder.... so yeh...
  3. Extremely shady stuff from NCsoft

    the 1 year name hold after changing is extremely absurd..... Its like the 6 days delete time for a character over level 15, it doesn't make ANY sense. Both need to be changed ASAP to 1 month for a Name change lock and 48 hours for a character over level 15 deletion. This should definitely be high priority for NCsoft to change for our version.
  4. Let us transfer from Windrest please.

    wow those lies.... it almost makes me want to double face palm... You transferred accounts before the 20th.. just extend transfers 2 weeks and your servers wouldn't be in such a mess. But that would be too much work for you lazy ncsoft.. I am about ready to stop my premiums on 3 accounts and basically come down to ncsoft HQ and give the person in charge a severe beating, because you NCsoft isn't thinking straight. Transfers off of windrest should be for the next week for premium members!!! JEEEEEZ
  5. Fix the queue times.

    Server transfers shouldn't have been limited to the 20th january but 2 weeks after launch so that ALL servers could be populated equally. Getting back an unfavorable reply from Support saying I could not transfer my premium character from the most populated server was the straw that broke the camels back. NCsoft has the worse support & logic I have ever experienced in ANY MMO, and I've played/dealt with THEM ALL..
  6. I am a bit disappointed about the PvP combat.

    @ OP.. Your not even max level yet and your talking about class balance in PvP? are you insane lol /doublefacepalm