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  1. If everyone buys from Ctrl C and not the spammers, the spammers won't have any reason to be there. Maybe include a notification for first-time users that the only official way to buy gold is with Ctrl C? Idk all you'd need is a little window popping up with a "don't show this again" checkbox that alerts potential buyers that the option is there. 


    Even if the ctrl c market gets flooded by gold farming bots, let's face it: they're not after your hongmoon coins. They want your credit card info. 

  2. Right now, Bomani (last boss of Mushin's Floor 3), resets if you backstep just a little bit outside the center square pattern in the room. I dunno, I thought this battle's boundaries were supposed to be the room, considering there's other enemies that fire at you from outside the square. 

  3. I never understood why killing everyone who wasn't in the boss fight room yet is a core feature of the game. All this does is encourage everyone to rush the boss and punishes people for lagging or getting stuck in combat. Does only the person with the fastest loading screen deserve to be alive at the boss? 


    If you want to cut off the boss fight room, use walls that don't kill you and pull everyone into the boss fight room when the boss is aggro'd. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, thewpippi said:

    you just need dokumo weapon, don't need "Invitation form Porohan quest". Remember you have to equip dokumo weapon when go in dungeon you can change weapon ^^

    srry i not good english :D

    While dokumo is all that's required to enter the dungeon, to get the daily, you need to finish "invitation from poharan". It's also possible to finish the quest without being able to enter the dungeon if your weapon sucks. 

  5. Premium membership doesn't provide additional slots.

    The biggest draw for much of the player base is f3 (wardrobe) allows you to store outfits, freeing up (I dunno how many but its in the double digits) inventory slots. 


    The increased gold is negligible and the increased experience is wholly unnecessary considering it's simple to hit max level in under 20 hours of gameplay.  


    And of course, for spending money on the game they'll let you mail things, which can be nice if you're social.