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  1. If by straight forward you mean charge in, pick up the enemy, and punch him in the head, you should play Destroyer. Blade master is the most timing based of the three. If you want to tank with the class, you'll have to get timing and enemy attack patterns down. I personally main BM but am not too great with it.
  2. Banning the sale of gold is like banning the sale of drugs. It might seem like its doing something but to be honest it really isn't. You need to stop the problem at its source. People buy gold because there is a perceived need for it. Why is that? Because just to be able to pve, you need to do open world pvp and grind endlessly in the opposite faction until you get the soul shield. Just to be able to do that, you need good equipment. And while the early levels awards transformation stones for surveys and grants you the gold you need from doing quests, at lvl 45, you n
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