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  1. Because it just makes sense

    Running through the woods. An arrow hits you. You think you might be in danger. Better slow down and let them catch you. Near death, no energy left to pull out a potion to drink it. Enough energy to crawl all the way across the room and sit up. Infusing your weapons with the power of your slain foes requires a weapon made from their might, a reagent for allowing it to bind.... and modern day currency. Edit: Miniboss standing with 2 subordinates shouts if you thought he was alone. Kay.
  2. Class Selection

    If by straight forward you mean charge in, pick up the enemy, and punch him in the head, you should play Destroyer. Blade master is the most timing based of the three. If you want to tank with the class, you'll have to get timing and enemy attack patterns down. I personally main BM but am not too great with it.
  3. Server questions

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether the login queue is to 1. Let only a limited number of players use the login server at once or 2. Keep players from entering a full server until enough people leave it Also, is there a way to check how full a server is before making a character in it?