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  1. I would like to know any and all things that reset the contribution you do to blackwyrm. Basically anything that determines whether you get valuable drops or not. Some things I'm wondering about: 1. Dying and respawning 2. Leaving combat (and for how long)? 3. Going down and resurrecting through meditation
  2. New Outfit Picture

    It looks like a football mom lost a fight with a lawnmower
  3. Right now, lvl 45 is grinding because there's no more content, so they reward you when you repeat the last of the content.
  4. Proper dungeon etiquette

    and, probably the most obvious one, DON'T change loot options and rob the entire party, you selfish *cricket*s.
  5. 1. Make it so that if the respawn is in the same location, you don't have to reload the map. Loading screens suck. Unnecessary loading screens suck even more. I highly doubt I need to reload the entire room just to travel 40 feet. This is especially annoying in a dungeon, where a loading screen's time can mean an impatient party goes ahead without you. 2. Make it so multiple players infusing chi into a dead player actually speeds up the time by that much. Right now, multiple players have the option of infusing chi into a dead player at once. However, the time is not significantly different from a single player. I don't see why this is the case. Your team should have an option of exchanging lower immediate dps on the boss for a stronger investment in damage later on. Even stranger is how you'll implement this option for a meditating player but not for a dead player.
  6. Multiple characters viable for gold income?

    Soulstones from Misty Woods are the largest income per daily right now (by a lot). Might as well make an alt to do those.
  7. Beware Transmuting Outfit Pouches.

    AFAIK, the transmute end result can only either waste your money and leave your ingredients alone, or transmute the ingredients into what's listed. I've never had a variable result before.
  8. What new race would you like to see in B&S?

    Reformed Jianshi just trying to find their place in the world.
  9. King of RNG

    You could just buy the hujikar weapon directly for a few silvers.
  10. What class do you want to see added in the future?

    I want a guy with no powers whatsoever who just gets ridiculously lucky. Call him the Everyman. He was enlisted into the Hongmoon school by mistake. He survives the entire storyline being mistaken for a legendary warrior when he only gets by on lucky breaks. When Yung Muk can't decide which weapon to give him, he just gives him a rock ("Hongmoon training rock") and says good luck. His "attacks" would be: simple attack: The opponent trips over a rock, The opponent drops his weapon and spends time picking it up. The opponent sneezes with such force he's blown backwards and hits his head against a solid surface, rendering him unconscious. The sun's glare blinds the opponent. The opponent forgot to reload. strong attack: Any dodged attacks ricochet back and hit the opponent. An enemy guards' best friend shows up and they leave to get dumplings together. A mountain lion comes out of nowhere and mauls the opponent. The opponent's gun explodes, blowing off his fingers. The blade falls off the opponent's sword. A swarm of bees comes out of nowhere and disables the opponent. ultimate: A meteor comes out of the sky and crushes the opponent. The earth opens up and the opponent falls into it. A freak gust of wind blows a tree over on top of his enemies (even if no tree previously existed). An otherworldly creature tears open a hole in space/time and drags the opponent into it. Random landslide.
  11. Infinite Challenge

    Where does it drop from?
  12. The game is too easy

    Would leaving your weapon at lvl 1 really make the game more hard, or would it just make it more grindy? As long as you learn the attack patterns of the bosses, the only effect of having a shit weapon is how many combo cycles you'd take to kill it. Is this really skill? It just seems like pointless grinding to me. Sure you could argue it's harder to finish a puzzle if each of the pieces were scattered five feet apart from one another. But it isn't very fun now, is it?
  13. Marketplace logic does not make sense.

    Let's take this to a real life analogy. You want a steak. You see that Costco sells steaks in 8-packs for just 5.50 per steak. You see that Savemart sells single steaks for 7.50 per steak. You can either buy the Savemart steak, the one steak you need, or you can buy the Costco 8pack and save yourself some money the next 7 times you want to eat steak. You can't just tear one out of the packaging at Costco and buy that single steak. After buying the Costco 8pack, you could just host a cookout and sell them to your friends for 6 bucks per steak, and make a marginal amount of profit. This is akin to reselling in the game.
  14. BnS VS WoW

    BnS has a better combat system. WoW has a larger world and more content to explore in general. BnS is free, while WoW is subscription based. Idk, my girlfriend loves WoW but I could never get into it. But we both agree that BnS is fun to play.
  15. Manly cats!

    Please get one of the cats to be voiced by Macho Man Randy Savage.
  16. Pay2Win? No Problem. Pay Bot To Win? OH SH*T.

    Every single thing you can buy from the official stores only serves to lower the amount of grind in the game. The equipment is the same, but the time you spend getting it is reduced. This is not a huge problem. A F2P player can get to lvl 45 in just 15 hours. A premium, who gets exp boost, gets there in less. But 15 hours is a very small amount of time to spend in an MMORPG. The brilliant keys- also not a huge time saver. You can usually get what you're looking for in the first 3 tries of a dungeon, considering the daily for the dungeon gives you a second weapon chest, and a sealed weapon also drops as loot. That's 2-3 tries per dungeon. I've been just fine with the amount of inventory space F2P's get. But if you want to be a hoarder and forgo inventory management, you could just go premium, sure. It's not required. And costumes don't even affect gameplay, and a ridiculously generous amount of them are available for free, at least 3x that in the cash shop. Many of the free ones look better than the cash ones too. Now when you pay bots to win, this does several things: 1. It's probably a scam. It puts your account at risk. NCSoft will have to waste manpower on support to get it back for you. 2. Bots are encouraged to farm more. They take up limited resources that the players already contest in the game. IE: Login slots, ore deposits
  17. Localization is a piece of crap.

    I appreciate that the translators had fun renaming the quests into something more relatable to me. They made me chuckle. I don't think a direct translation from the asian version would be as good.
  18. Better requirements for faction chat

    The gold sellers I've seen in faction chat don't currently have characters. They're just bypassing the (very poor) security in the chat box. Requirements don't do jack if they can't be enforced.
  19. wardrobe should be free already

    How bout a compromise? Upon first premium subscription, wardrobe is unlocked permanently and doesn't lock up when premium expires. Not willing to pay for a feature I want if that feature gets taken away slowly while I'm not even playing the game.
  20. Shit like this is why I don't give NCsoft my money. They don't fix the actual issues. Rather, they protect the people abusing the issues. Not. One. Penny.
  21. Idea for a third party rep site, such as, for warning players of possible scammers. You'd only have to check the name of your party leader, so it wouldn't be difficult to run a quick search in a side browser. The site in question would let you do two things: Report a scammer, and search player history. Report a scammer: Screenshots are required of the action. Human moderation and judgement needed. Search player history: Type in a player name. Rather than listing them as a scammer or not scammer, any submitted screenshots deemed relevant will be displayed. This can avoid the whole naming and shaming rule. It only posts a history of the players actions without calling them anything.
  22. About Scammers in Cross-servers.

    If Loot free for all means all loot is auctioned, then I agree.
  23. How do the Yun reproduce?

    They reproduce by budding, which is why they wear the most clothing. Underneath that clothing is the half-formed body of another Yun, ready to burst out in a magnificent display of blood and pus.
  24. Things that would make me leave this game...

    You can craft unsealing charms for next to nothing in material cost.
  25. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Honestly, if you hit f3, there are plenty of conservative costumes to choose from. Asian Costumes: ethereal phantom, covers pretty much everything Pure Evil is another very well covered suit. Moonlight's another one. Heavenly on all except gon Worried about short dresses? Dark Scholar's got you covered Snowy night- the Oriental version of sweatpants and a baggy coat Armor: The old stratus empire armor, available relatively early in the game, is pretty legitimate in terms of protective look/feel. Stratus empire uniform - don't go into battle without protection for your guts. Burning Flames covers everything on everyone and looks pretty badass. Granted, there isn't a whole lot of armor in the game, but this is true across both sexes. At least the functional looking armor ones exist. And not enough costumes is always going to be a problem. Always. I personally like the sexy costumes. I like boobies. And yet I don't like most of the costumes because they don't fit my character concept I have in mind. There's only one outfit I'd really wear for a long time on my Yun, and that's ivory spectre. And I've accepted that.