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  1. New outfits in the store tomorrow?

    Lingerie with angel wings isn't valentiney enough? And I'm not too eager to see them add more outfits into the store until they swear off the RNG boxes. Cuz guess how we're going to get these new outfits?
  2. Premium Membership benefits

    Premium membership doesn't provide additional slots. The biggest draw for much of the player base is f3 (wardrobe) allows you to store outfits, freeing up (I dunno how many but its in the double digits) inventory slots. The increased gold is negligible and the increased experience is wholly unnecessary considering it's simple to hit max level in under 20 hours of gameplay. And of course, for spending money on the game they'll let you mail things, which can be nice if you're social.
  3. Today I learned I can't say disconnect without being hit by the chat filter. So I thought WELP, somebody screwed up. How about we find all the words that shouldn't be censored and post them here so they can add exceptions to the chat filter?
  4. Can't resurrect when fighting blackwyrm

    Title. Hitting 3 or 4 doesn't work. 3 still unequips my outfit. Please fix.
  5. How soloable is Narrows for 40 lvl Summoner?

    If you're talking about Spider Fangs, they don't come from Blackram Narrows. They come from Tomb of Exiles. Narrows is complete cake walk at lvl 40. Tomb of Exiles is a little more effort but its doable. Much easier at higher lvls.
  6. Tomb of Exile outfit

    It's one of the more common outfits and rarely goes above 60 silver in the bidding window. You can expect maybe 1 outfit piece every 5-6. Of course it depends on your luck.
  7. The game was fun until I reached Blackram Narrows

    Just to be clear, Blackram Narrows is the low lvl dungeon, right? Not the lvl 45 one? If so, don't worry about it, lots of higher ups do it for the outfit or the daily and aren't interested in the weapon drops.
  8. Let's find our favorite outfit

    Population of study: Forum members who care to participate Rules: Look for your favorite outfit. If it's posted below, like it. If it isn't posted, list it. I'll start off. Like this one for Dark Sandstorm.
  9. Would you be willing to pay for voice package?

    Make a Macho Man Randy Savage voice pack for the summoner's cat.
  10. Loot system - ABUSE!

    Sorry, what does BM stand for? I'm not sure what weapon you've lost out on.
  11. Unbalanced Factions on Windrest

    Wonder why this is the trend across most servers. What's driving more people to pick blue when the sides are both balanced?
  12. Right now, if you swear in the game, your words are replaced by asterisks. If you swear on the forums, they are replaced by *cricket*. I would like them to be replaced by "plog". This is because plog is a word native to this game. Most censored words are single syllable and it would flow better. Examples of how "plog" makes a better chat filter: 1, Shut the plog up 2. Plog you, you plogbucket 3. What the plogging plog? 4. Motherplogger 5. Son of a plog
  13. Tyrian Cult needs to be a legit faction

    The Flower Power soul shield, at lvl 45. On par with the misty woods arena soul shield.
  14. Custom Windstride Animations

    Could you make it so that when we windstride out of an undergroun dungeon, there's a loud crash and rocks fall from the ceiling?
  15. Cosmetics Idea - Upgrade Outfits

    Most of us have that one outfit we really like. We find it in the wardrobe, hunt for it, and wear just that outfit for a very long time. But the same old look can be boring, and not a whole lot of outfits actually look good on your character. So how about a system that allows minor cosmetic improvements to already existing outfits? It would give us something to do with duplicate outfits (other than selling them for 1 copper). Example: Let's take the outfit "Pure Evil". You now have the option to upgrade it by feeding it other items in the "outfit" category. It doesn't grant any stats, and only has 1 rank to evolve (rather than the standard 5-breakthrough-10-evolve). After evolving the item, you get the outfit "Purer Evil", which has some noticable cosmetic enhancements without looking like a different outfit entirely. Using the manage item menu, you would be able to switch back and forth between Pure Evil and Purer Evil with no cost, all in one item. I understand this feature would be impossible to implement for every outfit, at least right away. But perhaps a popular, currently existing outfit could get it as a test treatment. Because it is entirely cosmetic, you could put the evolution item required in the Hongmoon Shop.
  16. Weapon Chests Broken?!

    That happened for me on two characters. So it turns out the early levels are so easy that you can get to lvl 16 with the Hongmoon weapon no problem (My girlfriend actually got to lvl 19 on a destroyer with hongmoon). After lvl 16, you can just buy the right weapon from the market for barely anything. So just move on for now. The weapon upgrade is costing you more time than you're saving.
  17. Some points to address: This poll only represents a population of people who view the official forums and care enough to vote in it. This poll mentions nothing about the hongmoon store, but it's your subject of discussion.
  18. Opinionated Feedback about BnS

    Idk, I'm having fun playing it. Have a lvl 45 with all gear waiting for Siren upgrade and I haven't had to buy any hongmoon coins. It didn't take me absurdly long and I enjoyed the time I spent getting to my current level of power. I have also played to max level (forgot what it was on TERA). If you're complaining that you can buy the best gear here, I don't see why you say TERA's better. Here, you actually need to be able to kill bosses for your purple weapons. In TERA, you can immediately buy the highest tier weapon by selling whatever premium currency they use. Both games suffer from mediocre voice acting and plot, but are very well made for something you're getting 100% free.
  19. Title. Takes too long with so many people there tagging when they don't need it. And if you end up doing more than half his hp, why don't you get credited for the kill, anyway? Quest objective should complete as if he were a boss, considering he has more hp and does more damage than most bosses.
  20. Pay 2 Play

    Nope, I'd just leave.
  21. Expensive Offering Cost

    The cost is directly related to the item you're offering's level. Moonwater weapons, for example, cost more to offer than cinderlands, which cost more than viridian coast. Purple cost more than blue cost more than green.
  22. I love BnS but it's starting to go downhill

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with RNG boxes as long as they are cosmetic only. I don't approve of actual gameplay-affecting content locked behind paywalls though.
  23. RNG's box outfit. Did anyone get it yet?

    Huh. So that's where the large influx of soulstones came from.
  24. [FIXED] Game Crashing Before Even Starting

    Happened to me just moments ago for the first time. Ill check here to see if a fix shows up. EDIT: Was able to fix it by logging in to a new account. This fixed it for my main account.
  25. How is blademaster's dps in pve?

    If you don't do enough dps you don't get rewarded for killing blackwyrm. A difficult combat for 20 minutes with no reward isn't fun.