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  1. Are they keeping this in the game?
  2. Something needs to be done about gold spammers.

    If everyone buys from Ctrl C and not the spammers, the spammers won't have any reason to be there. Maybe include a notification for first-time users that the only official way to buy gold is with Ctrl C? Idk all you'd need is a little window popping up with a "don't show this again" checkbox that alerts potential buyers that the option is there. Even if the ctrl c market gets flooded by gold farming bots, let's face it: they're not after your hongmoon coins. They want your credit card info.
  3. Banning the sale of gold is like banning the sale of drugs. It might seem like its doing something but to be honest it really isn't. You need to stop the problem at its source. People buy gold because there is a perceived need for it. Why is that? Because just to be able to pve, you need to do open world pvp and grind endlessly in the opposite faction until you get the soul shield. Just to be able to do that, you need good equipment. And while the early levels awards transformation stones for surveys and grants you the gold you need from doing quests, at lvl 45, you need to farm for a ridiculous amount of time just to advance your equipment. Solution: Make more than one way to get good equipment.
  4. Other factions can just send in a summoner with regular, nonfaction clothing and mess up your blackwyrm run by taunting it. This is stupid because you can't attack the summoner. If your defense is that it's open world pvp and players are allowed to screw with you, why aren't you allowed to fight back?
  5. Bestfriend outfit (have anyone gotten it yet ?)

    I got 2 in 30 boxes. Also, PSA: If you don't want to open RNG boxes, Best Friend will be added to the hongmoon store later as a guaranteed purchase. So you can just wait if you don't feel like testing your luck.
  6. Kung Fu Master Sub Forum Locked?

    Curse you, Jinsoyun!
  7. Tyrian Cult needs to be a legit faction

    I wanna just sit around getting high off of purple flowers and blowing up stuff I don't like. I mean I already do half of that anyway. Here, I made ranks so you don't have to: Slightly Unhinged (You start here) Petal Licker Pollen Sniffer Nectar Drinker Kook Cuckoo Clock Loon Crackpot Fruitcake Legally Insane Disconnected from Reality Punch Bowl Poisoner Beyond Redemption Scientologist Ordinary, Sound-minded Individual Glory to Him Reasons to join the Tyrian Cult: It will place your eternal soul in the warm, welcoming talons of our Lord We have fashionable outfits and the potential for 4 more fashionable outfits. We don't lie about our motives like SOME OTHER factions. We won't request that you slay a 65 million hp dragon every day.
  8. Information request

    Please provide information on number of players per faction, sortable by server, range of last login, player level, and open world pvp boss participation.
  9. Order vs legion even without outfits?

    That's just plain ridiculous. We don't have issues like that in Juwol server. Some people take this game way to seriously.
  10. Dungeon flames are poor design

    I never understood why killing everyone who wasn't in the boss fight room yet is a core feature of the game. All this does is encourage everyone to rush the boss and punishes people for lagging or getting stuck in combat. Does only the person with the fastest loading screen deserve to be alive at the boss? If you want to cut off the boss fight room, use walls that don't kill you and pull everyone into the boss fight room when the boss is aggro'd.
  11. The Main City of Blade and Soul

    Though if you want the main hangout place, Mushin's tower ground floor has a ton of people at all times. It's very spacious and has a bank, several shops, and a training room.
  12. The Main City of Blade and Soul

    Jadestone Village = main of Viridian Coast Yehara's Mirage = main of Cinderlands Hogshead Hamlet = main of Moonwater
  13. Bomani needs a larger reset range

    Right now, Bomani (last boss of Mushin's Floor 3), resets if you backstep just a little bit outside the center square pattern in the room. I dunno, I thought this battle's boundaries were supposed to be the room, considering there's other enemies that fire at you from outside the square.
  14. I love looking like a slut but don't want to pay 15 dollars to do it.
  15. Invitation From Porohan QUEST to Blackram Supply Chain

    While dokumo is all that's required to enter the dungeon, to get the daily, you need to finish "invitation from poharan". It's also possible to finish the quest without being able to enter the dungeon if your weapon sucks.
  16. Safe to buy NCoins now?

    It saddens me that this is even an issue. *A dig at NCSoft, not you.
  17. It's pretty simple to just run the dungeon a few times in a pug since the outfit drops from the box at the end.
  18. Makes no sense to sit through a load screen and then a second load screen when you resurrect.
  19. I rarely, if ever, disconnect from the server. But in the time I've been playing, it's happened a grand total of four times. All four times have been in Misty Woods. I would like to know if this is a coincidence or if Misty Woods is just screwed up for other people as well.
  20. I tried setting DNS to We'll see how that works out.
  21. What is the point?!

    It's easier to hit f8 than to fly around the world for dungeons you can get through in 1 minute. If they let you teleport using f7 I'd consider it.
  22. Costume from Nightshade.

    Would also like to know
  23. I did one run through the new dungeon and found nothing. Does it drop from the two bosses wearing the suits or the final boss?
  24. 2K NCoin Outfit

    People spent much more on that coat box and got nothing. I'm fine with this.
  25. Hit F2 for portrait selection. Also allows you to take one.