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  1. Why does anyone even bother with an Asian title anymore? Seriously. They're all like this.
  2. LOL no. Not only will I never come back to this RNG grindfest but I'll never touch another Asian title.
  3. As far as any real MMO gamer is concerned, BnS can DIAF along with every other trash asian F2P title.
  4. And that's the fundamental problem with designing a game that has no real end game content, just end game gear.
  5. It's not working for me either. Doesn't seem to be working for others as well. You're not the problem and support is shit.
  6. Gold sellers who hack accounts do so to sell items for gold or use the character to farm resources and sell them on the market. They don't routinely delete the toons. Now maybe if you *cricket* someone off and they target and hack you your character might get deleted. But is this really a problem?? Am I missing something?
  7. You don't know how to google either. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/18/52-percent-people-playing-games-women-industry-doesnt-know
  8. Wow, someone is stuck in 2006. There are lots of statistics concerning the ratio of male/female gamers and I suggest you do your homework before posting erroneous garbage. I can also say with certainty that this female player did not spin her character around to watch her boobs jiggle. Stop making up crap. That being said, I think you should be able to make your character's boobs as big as you want. It's your choice if you want your toon to look like a spectacle and my choice to laugh at you while I kick your ass in PvP.
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