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  1. Why does anyone even bother with an Asian title anymore? Seriously. They're all like this.
  2. LOL no. Not only will I never come back to this RNG grindfest but I'll never touch another Asian title.
  3. As far as any real MMO gamer is concerned, BnS can DIAF along with every other trash asian F2P title.
  4. Tera has the same reputation as BnS for being a trash asian P2W grind. I've never played it so I couldn't say for sure - just pointing out it has the same reputation. But that bad rep means I won't touch it. You're right about SWTOR (which is a breath of fresh air after playing this mess). The player base would revolt if EA tried this garbage. What I find incredibly funny is the people jumping in saying these boxes aren't P2W at all since the gem doesn't really do anything. If this is true then people are spending hundreds of dollars on something that does nothing. Nothing. How ins
  5. Awhile back I tried SWTOR and just couldn't get into it. I decided to give it another try and it's totally surprised me - I'm having a blast. The cut scenes threw me off at first but I've grown to really like them as my story progressed. So it's not a game for those who don't like story driven MMO's. Pros: It's a huge galaxy Player housing A lot of amazing mounts The game offers flashpoints (solo and group), heroics, hard mode, operations, world bosses, space battles, missions, and a TON of other content Your own ship to navigate the galaxy or engage i
  6. But WoW isn't tired and dated. If people were still playing vanilla then it would be tired and dated. The current WoW is NOTHING like vanilla. Or TBC, or WRATH, or CATA, or MOP. Nothing. It's a whole different game. And that's the reason they lost over 2/3 of their player base since the golden days of WRATH. While it's essential that games keep their expansions fresh and exciting, it's suicide to completely change up the entire game. And change it up they have. They totally screwed professions, they dismantled communities, they wiped out landmarks, they introduced that stupid, stup
  7. The entire GAME has been ignored. Jesus people... Why anyone is still playing this pathetic mess is beyond my understanding.
  8. There aren't any GM's in this game.
  9. And we all know how that goes. I have no idea what server you're on but I can tell you on servers where the faction balance is horribly skewed this statement comes off as really naive. Before I quit the game Ceru didn't do SSP. When they tried Crimson shut them down - killed their drills, killed or ran off the players and then terror farmed. When there were 3 channels Ceru took channel 3 and honestly no one cared. But NCSOFT in all their wisdom shut down the third channel so . . . no more farming for blues. Every day more and more Ceru are switching sides because they
  10. Right .... this doesn't make you sound like an insecure, adolescent bully. First of all people make these kinds of posts for all different kinds of reasons. This game is a product. It survives because it has customers. Customers who are dissatisfied with products, whatever they may be, will voice their opinions. "That movie was terrible." "I'm not watching that series anymore it's boring as f*k." "I hate that toothpaste. . . " Claiming that you know this is all for attention is delusional. And that's putting it mildly. What kind of narcissistic ass assumes a customer e
  11. Why do people do this? Why do people feel the need to say something for no other reason than to try and make the other person feel worthless and unimportant? Bhindu you have no idea if this person made friends that value them. You have no idea if they belonged to a clan that appreciated them. You have no idea if they helped random people they met here and there and made their gaming experience a little more enjoyable. You know none of these things yet you feel you have to open your mouth for no other reason than to be cruel.
  12. This overused nonsense is ridiculous, especially when referring to this game. The truth of the matter is that it's NCSOFT that wants everything handed to them via the cash shop. They have no plans to make improvements or change things with one exception . . . that's right - the cash shop. You can bet they'll continually be changing things up there. At the risk of repeating myself, I'll just leave this here:
  13. If you spent real money for those resets, as you claim, then you spent $318 and some change for that gem. NCSOFT knows that not many rational people would buy a +5 ap gem in the cash shop for $318. This is why they put their "events" behind cash shop items like keys and resets and add an absurd RNG factor. They are victimizing people with compulsive issues knowing these people will throw fistfuls of money at the cash shop without calculating the cost. While this business model is without a doubt unethical, it certainly isn't illegal. But for God's sake people need to recognize it
  14. Or... I can leave the game and still visit the forums while I have my morning coffee. Not everyone on these forums still plays. And let's face it - these forums, as useless as they are, are still more fun that the actual game.
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