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  1. I run yeti 6 man all the time and i'm only 426 ap... If people say they NEED 500, then they probably suck and need to learn how to play their classes in ways other than taking hits and button mashing. That said, if you have someone that's 400 ap and doesn't know how to play properly, they end up being just dead weight. High stats are a symbol of time invested, and yes that USUALLY means higher numbers = higher skill, but that's still not always true.
  2. Hate to say it, but I absolutely agree with everything here. My main is around 430 attack at the moment, and even going all out on these bosses is enough to MAYBE drop a box for a daily once in a while. Being a melee class makes this almost impossible due to the constant iframes and retreating I need to do to even stay alive, and all of that is time that I'm not spending inflicting damage. It becomes a big annoying wall that can only be overcome with time, given the massive amounts of soulstones needed to upgrade gear, and the only methods of gaining them being misty woods, arena p
  3. These razer problems are really starting to get to me. Every patch its the same problem with another solution, except this time no solution works for me. Fun stuff.
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