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  1. I don't get it, why farm for the moonwater stone recipe? am I missing something? it shows up like the other stones after you reach rank 3, or are you talking about something else?. it is a shame we can't use the wardrobe but at the same time that's their best way to make money with costumes.
  2. at least 200 bots swarming Ebon Hall the past hour.
  3. Ebon Hall - Cerulean chat http://imgur.com/a/0JzC1 another just showed up http://imgur.com/C1coxxV
  4. The same 2-3 bots I saw infecting faction chat have been going strong since Tuesday, reported them like 3 times already each time unblocking to see if they are still at it. I understand it isn't easy to go through every report but why even have the function if we gotta manually report each bot? the starter area alone has around 10 spamming at the same time, with all due respect (and I do want to help get rid of bots rather than just block like most ppl suggest) I won't waste that much time screening every single one of them and posting it just to have 10 more show up the next day,
  5. Too many kids everywhere spamming their dumbass memes and twitch bullshit when it has nothing to do with the game and on top of that they are rude and offensive like you described, what did you expect?. You can indeed report but there are only 2 options spammer/bot, report option becomes available at a certain level (20?) but I don't remember when it showed up, to be honest we should have the report function from level 1 with all these gold spammers and the rest, add more options to it too. But sadly it doesn't seem like anything is being done at the moment, I reported
  6. Obviously the problem was on their end, why even make this silly excuse about IP/ISP problem? I can't even understand how some posters here actually believed that. having a dynamic IP doesn't get your IP banned that is such silly nonsense, and your IP doesn't randomly change while you are using the internet or launching an MMO, that requires a router restart unless you have 3rd party router you bought yourself that has renew settings and even then might need to restart. why can't they just say there are issues and its being worked on? why make up random stuff and make c
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