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  1. Mak Dagul seriously needs a faster respawn rate, I don't even know why it is so long to begin with, sometimes there are just too many people around who need him , even though we partied up that's only 6 people and around us there were at least 6 more so either way even with a party you gotta "steal" it. they really need to just lower the spawn time.
  2. I don't see why sit around in true profane until the lvl 50 patch hits which can be 4 months from now for all we know. you don't lose anything by going siren+ now so it doesn't matter really, the lvl 50 paths just make it easier for anyone with true prof who didn't catch up with content and that is for kr, who knows maybe we don't even get the same thing. I say go for it if you want, I'm almost finished upgrading awak siren, imo the extra crit is worth it and you get % damage on a certain skill.
  3. it is pretty funny how some people here think that because they have premium it means they can't be bots and that because the name isn't afgksd then it must be a real person, you guys do realize there are bots that are extremely advanced right? buying premium would be a small investment for the bot owners and they will make more gold to sell, they probably crunched the numbers and realized they will profit more by making their bots premium. a whole clan of summoners all doing the same thing for 3 days straight and you guys actually think this is real people? ok.
  4. even if I had great fps and used the pot this garbage is simply not worth wasting time on, BW takes 30mins at best and terrors are around the same time and you end up with nothing at the end, not to mention that it is bugged as well with people doing tons of damage and still not getting anything. not worth the huge time sink until they fix+change this.
  5. With everything set to low I get around 20 fps and that is still too laggy to iframe anything as a Destroyer, this boss and the terrors are not only boring but are a huge waste of time. I had around the same HP as you when I did it the first 2 times and I got a normal chest and a weekend chest, did 2x terrors and got 1 box and no key, threw the normal chest away and bought 2 keys for the weekend chest and got a big pile of crap. almost 2 hours? wasted for nothing cause I couldn't get anything from Vermillion cause that thing is even worse than Blackwyrm. get
  6. they won't let you turn it off since it will compromise account security, it is inconvenient but it helps secure the account.
  7. yea you can, but most people are just plain retarded and won't do it even after you explain it to them, I tried many times and people just keep attacking like zombies.
  8. which is exactly why it isn't reliable, the best way you can see your ping in my opinion is find out what the IP of the server you are playing on is and trace/ping it, I'm no expert so I won't pretend to know much but resource manager is most certainly not a way to check ping.
  9. as 2501 explained, resource manager is not a reliable way to check ping, people need to stop suggesting that because it isn't how it works at all.
  10. both are great cards and they are +/- the same performance in most games, don't listen to clueless people bashing AMD as usual , it comes down to what you prefer really and what you will use it for. you can save some cash and go with AMD and have basically the same performance +/- 5 fps difference, if you game on higher than 1080p the AMD will be better, but both are great no matter what you buy.
  11. yea that's not my username, not sure what was even the point of doing that(do you feel better after that?) , yea I totally wasted 2 mins laughing at all the whiners here, I should completely change my life around damn, spending 2 mins laughing at others who whined for 4 hours = whining , yea you guys have some amazing logic, I will look at your whines next week just to laugh some more :).
  12. aaaand servers are up,Congratulations guys, you managed to whine for 4 full hours instead of doing something else more productive. it is ironic how people complain the maintenance is too long and yet they waste 4 hours crying on the forums until the maintenance is done rather than actually doing something else until it is done. maintenance times won't change I can bet on it, so either deal with it or keep whining for 4 hours wasting your time, I will be looking forward to next weeks topic.
  13. no I do not since I don't sit afk dancing waiting for it to stop, are you 100% sure it stops?, if so, the OP is lying and got banned for something else. @zxappyy the point is nobody knows why you got banned or why afk kicker didn't kick you, only you know that and ncsoft.
  14. we don't really know the reason why OP got banned or for how long the ban is, I don't see why you would want to dance and go afk for hours and expect to get kicked by the afk kicker , simply standing in the spot would make more sense if you wanted to get kicked for afk, it is still based on circumstance and whether you got reported or not and then if the GM found a reason or not. again, if people just stopped being selfish to not get into queue and logged off while not playing for HOURS(key word) they wouldn't have this problem to begin with, why should ncsoft babysit everyone?.
  15. it doesn't imply it but it is still common sense, if someone is afk dancing/wall running for 3 hours and gets reported then he will most likely get banned, if someone does the same but only for 20 mins obviously it wouldn't make sense to ban that person, the person reporting doesn't know if it is 3 hours or 3 mins, it is all based on the circumstance and it is up to the GM to check how long this character has been afk dancing for. I agree it shouldn't circumvent the afk kicker, but that doesn't change the fact that people shouldn't stay in game if they know they will afk for hours
  16. nobody said the word ban is in there, "act accordingly" you think they will send an angry email? obviously it means a ban if the reason is valid, that is exactly the same thing I said.
  17. it is not invalid at all, they are saying the account will be looked into and banned if they see a reason for it i.e walking into walls for 3 hours or dancing in the same spot for 3 hours.
  18. nobody knows why he got banned, we are just speculating, if bypassing the kicker with dancing is banable then yes you should get banned for dancing 2 hours in the same spot, again there is no reason at all to stay in game if you are not gonna play for hours, it takes 5 secs to click quit game.
  19. if you are dancing in the same spot for 2 hours, yes, there is no reason at all you should stay in game whether dancing or not if you are gonna afk for 2 hours, especially with all the queue issues going on. and can ppl stop with the off-topic FF crap? has nothing to do with this.
  20. if dancing bypasses the afk kick then any GM looking at that character has reason to believe you are exploiting the system and has every right to ban you, that is not retarded. if you know you are gonna afk from the computer for more than 30mins you should close the game, problem solved.
  21. I think it is good you mentioned how loaded he is with gold etc, that means there is a good possibility he has been doing this systematically for a while now, and you should definitely report him to support so they can check it out. I find it silly the loot rules and bid rules can just be changed without a vote, either disable the option to change loot rules completely in a cross-server run or add the vote system.
  22. so much AMD hate and Intel fanboism in here wow, without having a real clue too. there is nothing wrong with AMD I have a 5 year old Phenom II 955 @3.8 and it runs this game maxed without any issues 50+ average fps in dungeons. most of the expensive Intel cpu's are overkill and you will never even use half of that processing power while gaming, if you have extra money go for it otherwise it is a waste.
  23. oh okay I see, seems way easier to just lvl wardens though no? I got it to rank 3 pretty fast.
  24. The Google Auth replaces it and gives you that randomized 6 pin instead that way the pin is never the same, logging into the website has protection as well once a different IP connects you will need to enter a code that is sent to your email.
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