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  1. Leechers

    if that is not a bot name idk what is...
  2. We ARE getting v-day stuff!

    if it wasn't a virtual waifu/husbando sim, idk what is.
  3. its a ugly outfit too no less so i don't really care.
  4. cuz no in game farm-able outfits are salvageable at all... only cash ones are salvageable. ie pay irl money for a outfit to destroy for fabrics. you can buy peoples left overs (tears) from the AH and use those. then there is a chance at transmuting them into 1 HQ fabric and a crit chance at Making 1 HQ Outfit Pouch which even sucks worse. sorry for being off topic.
  5. New RNG Box in Shop!

    too late someone on reddit spent 6k on rng boxes... https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/445d8i/p2w_confirmed_6000_in_winter_frenzy_chest_outcome/
  6. RNG Boxes = RMT Best Friend

    i am all the happier that the supply skyrocketed through the roof and maybe even the stratosphere. if this drives prizes lower so us low tier guys can catch up at a marginal cost all the merrier. even if it means RMT and lying through your teeth (ncsoft said nope in a stream to rng boxes).
  7. tin foil hats at the ready folks. but no seriously my kfm got all her weapons for break through less than 5 tries... (besides the profane weapon) tried this with fm can't for the life of me get a stalker weapon. deleted the character cuz i didn't feel like wasting more keys. made a des and got all the weapons in less than 6 tries and hell she even skipped a few lvls in getting the weapons and jewelry... lvl 24 and doing pinchy for outfit (i get one shotted if i mess up and get hit ) can run lvl 45 skittering tunnels (don't do it that's insane and very frowned upon) only weapons and jewelry she needs now is infernal but if i upgrade to that i can't use them for another 12 lvls for the lvl restrictions on equipment.
  8. seen someone take 900+ essences for a lycan outfit. i go and get the lycan outfit in less than 10 spins. somewhere the game just starts hating your ass. some ppl get the profane shroud outfit. i go and farm 400+ essence for the outfit/weapon. (only time it took more than 20 spins for me) even though its not rigged but the amount of ppl complaining about does sound concerning. even i went and made a force master to see why and spent all the keys to not get my stalker weapon at lvl 6. yes you can buy it but the AH is lvl locked until lvl 16. after which i re-rolled the character into a des and got the weapon i wanted in less that 5 keys... even got the bangle i needed when i was playing a forcemaster first try. sadly it does seem rigged even if its not.
  9. you can buy just the dokuma dagger too. skip the and dungeon as well.
  10. Why are 45s runing lowbie dungeon? STOP!!!

    same. i noticed that my lvl 24 character can run skittering tunnels oddly. true enough i upgraded everything on her to the point that all i need for the next upgrade is infernal weapons/accessories. which i have a few of already but if i do upgrade those i won't be able to use them till i get to lvl 36 cuz of the lvl restriction. which oddly there is no lvl restriction on skittering tunnels.
  11. Show off your characters!!

    there need a to be a contest called the "FREEKAZOID CONTEST" MOST FREEKAZOID CHARACTER OF ALL TIME
  12. lol gold and silver is still a form of a currency though in-game. another name for currency is money...
  13. when it takes 64 tries (32 run and 32 boxes) to get a weapon for a force master. where as 2 tries for a Kung fu master (1 run, 1 box) to get THE weapon. i am calling rigged till hell freezes over.
  14. Sure enough those are valid options but some ppl rather not spend money on a key. If you got insane amount of BS bad luck. that very well might be the answer to a lot problems. As for blue weapons buy them if you don't want the heartbreak.