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  1. there need a to be a contest called the "FREEKAZOID CONTEST" MOST FREEKAZOID CHARACTER OF ALL TIME
  2. PSA: Ctrl + x = disables ui ctrl + f = disables other players ctrl +f again = disables names of pc/npc names.
  3. Sounds like a really big oops in the coding. Spending 3 hq and 10 fabrics to get one hq fabric on a success and a pouch on "crit" success is kinda stupid.
  4. Like all other transmutation items. It is not 100% chance that you make the item in question. I know this from making other items in transmutation. Yes, they should add a tool tip that says "there is a chance at failure in transmutation". Another thing they should add is the percentage stats at failure or success. Maybe even add a way of increasing those stats or a item that "protects" the item(s) upon failure. sure that makes it p2w in a way. They really should make the dungeon/wheel outfits salvageable so there can be a another option of getting the fabrics. So far salvaging out
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