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  1. The launcher installed in C:, I started it and it asked, so I said E:. It installed the game in E: I can handle the launcher being in C:, it''s small enough.
  2. I'm in the "let's have less than a D" camp. But as far as larger sizes go, I'd prefer quality over quantity, myself. I want more vertices on the breasts. As it is now, if you max out the slider, you get Lego Boobs. :(
  3. Also, narrow eyes (vertically narrow, we talk about eyes weird), long thin nose, hollow cheeks (makeup can help here, use the last color listed), longer chin, wider mouth, and choose the hair thoughtfully. Some styles look way more mature. More body fat will help, but you have to but it in the right places. I'm not sure that's possible, but thicker thighs, belly, and arms should be doable.
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