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  1. New Servers Incoming

    I run on on Alienware that for whatever reason crashes games regularly. So I do understand about the feeling of it going belly up and having to requeue up. And my usual little bit is is another 25 minutes or so. I mean I use that time to do something else that needs to be done.
  2. reccomended Items for a level 25 Blade dancer

    Uhm, has anyone seen a necklace from Blackram? Something I saw about a Super HP booster?
  3. reccomended Items for a level 25 Blade dancer

    Yeah I am working on Leveling the Items I have curently but finding everything is the hassle ya know?
  4. I see characters with Terribly high health and want in on that, Anyone have any reccomendations?

    because my other one went away. Are they up currently? I keep getting E0100ex error or something along that line

    Are they still down? I tried logging in and I get the error E0100ex or something along those lines
  7. New Servers Incoming

    well it is server dependent as well, we play Yehara and our server never seems to have terribly long times for anyone. I mean, Yeah I have to wait a little bit. but that gives me time to make dinner or catch up on a anime. Nothing to bad
  8. Outfit Salvaging?

    ah, yeah I don't have those yet, Will investigate further
  9. Outfit Salvaging?

    I just bought one of those and I cannot salvage it, Which uniform is it that you can salvage?
  10. Blade Dancer Health and Items

    Yeah, I am rocking the Viridian Soul Shield currently, but earlier I saw someone with a necklace that gave 3k health
  11. New Servers Incoming

    can someone help me with something? Sorry to topic piggyback...
  12. Blade Dancer Health and Items

    bump until hopeful success
  13. Blade Dancer Health and Items

    Bump anyone have any ideas