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  1. server mt now?

    A quick 10 minute maintenance I suppose?
  2. server mt now?

    I was actually looking for a post about it. Nothing on Twitter, this is the first on the Forum. Yura says it's down for maintenance.
  3. So... Corpse Camping.

    It's less about not wanting to be killed or engage in PvP or even wanting to spawn and remove the outfit. It's more about dying before you can even react. Normally, you'd be on par with the person and you're around the same level, it's just about being capable of reacting. Having to hit surrender every single time you die in PvP just to put the outfit back on so you can go back to PvP is silly.
  4. So... Corpse Camping.

    What has you so pissed off..? lol. I even mentioned the button that removed the outfit. I was just seeing who else had the issue. Dunno why you're all butt hurt. You sound like one of the ones that likes to corpse camp. Hah.
  5. So... Corpse Camping.

    Well, prior to this patch, I used to just run around with one of the faction outfits and never had many issues. If I died, I died, oh well. But now around the starting areas, namely Foshi Pyres, you can't even choose to res anymore without 'Surrendering'. Before, I didn't even realize I could be killed before my screen even finished loading. Literally dead without any way of stopping it before the screen finishes and the only choice to stop the spawn camping is to 'Surrender', which just sounds horrible. Can't even just spawn and remove the outfit and it's not like I'm on a populated server. It's Dochun, one of the less populated servers. I never had this issue before the patch though, not even on Mushin. Anyone else noticing this happening more often now? I never had it happen prior to the patch yesterday, but now I can't even wear the outfit in the starter areas without having to just 'Surrender to prevent from being killed before I can even load in.
  6. radiant ring has no accs

    Bump because I've been waiting for this to be fixed or at least addressed. Still sad I can't make anything but gems for skill points. Those refiners are too expensive. QQ
  7. Question about the Yun

    I figured they wouldn't get any specific class due to the gender thing, though it does seem odd that they're only for aesthetics and even the aesthetics you can actually change with the base presets to be about the equivalent of a Jin and a Jin can get about the same shape if not perfectly the same shape. So it seems it's really only the ears for aesthetics, which doesn't sound right. Was hoping they had something else special like particles or something. Just odd it's basically a pair of ears for females.
  8. Question about the Yun

    I normally go for aesthetics of a race rather than lore and things, but I noticed each of the races has some sort of special class that only they can use and it's based off of their usual body type or lore, though the Yun have no such thing. So, is there anything they get special that the other 3 don't? Jin get the assassins (Soon warlocks as well since through what I've seen Warlocks are a Jin only thing like Assassin), Gon get Destroyers, and the Lyn have Summoners and Blade Dancers while the Yun have nothing special, just KFM (shared with Gon and Jin), Blade Master (Shared with Jin), and Force Master (Shared with Lyn and Gon). Is there something that... makes them special at any of these like some sort of special effect or something or is the Yun race just a secondary female aesthetic for all three of those classes?