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  1. the bigger, the better! (insert body part here)!
  2. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/ ??
  3. what do u spec find in whaluga and whirldwind whaley? low geared ppl?
  4. Oh you believe we are able to get 1obsi for 3 anycolor square gem?. U nid one black square gem only one black square gem and 60 corsair´s comb plus 20g for one Pentagonal Obsidian gem
  5. Yes, U can, Its the second item at transmutation tab, just below the 5m event exp charm!
  6. Another video of customizing outfit.. showing a diferent item in the process, maybe, more accurated to be an HMStore Item.
  7. more gunslingers around, thats all :) also, GS was nerfed in Korea? Nodah continue doing million+ dps...
  8. Its easy: U have that ticket/code for a reason: once the event goes up u were chosen to participate, BUT, it was an event with a "limit time" ingame. Indeed u can Activate the code but u cant Reedem the prizes.
  9. next class? Necromancer just like some users resurrecting dead topics :V
  10. I also noticed that GameGuard got disabled?
  11. then we are not getting nebula stone, also true Ivorymoon to Legendary keep same materials
  12. Locked Bloodshade Victory Treasure Chest - require 4 soulstone plains keys contain: 5 moonstones 1-2 evo stones % moonstones (rare crit drop)
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