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  1. Larger breasts size

    the bigger, the better! (insert body part here)!
  2. I'm Completely Lost..

    http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/ ??
  3. Gunslingers pvp damage :S

    what do u spec find in whaluga and whirldwind whaley? low geared ppl?
  4. Gunslingers pvp damage :S

    "nerfed" gunslinger (KR Client)
  5. Square Obsidian

    Oh you believe we are able to get 1obsi for 3 anycolor square gem?. U nid one black square gem only one black square gem and 60 corsair´s comb plus 20g for one Pentagonal Obsidian gem
  6. Square Obsidian

    Yes, U can, Its the second item at transmutation tab, just below the 5m event exp charm!
  7. Yayyy costume customization is coming!

    Another video of customizing outfit.. showing a diferent item in the process, maybe, more accurated to be an HMStore Item.
  8. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    more gunslingers around, thats all :) also, GS was nerfed in Korea? Nodah continue doing million+ dps...
  9. Its easy: U have that ticket/code for a reason: once the event goes up u were chosen to participate, BUT, it was an event with a "limit time" ingame. Indeed u can Activate the code but u cant Reedem the prizes.
  10. New class ideas anyone?

    next class? Necromancer just like some users resurrecting dead topics :V
  11. game lagged on last patch

    I also noticed that GameGuard got disabled?
  12. Upcoming Alt Friendly Changes (UPDATED)

    then we are not getting nebula stone, also true Ivorymoon to Legendary keep same materials
  13. soulstone plains key

    Locked Bloodshade Victory Treasure Chest - require 4 soulstone plains keys contain: 5 moonstones 1-2 evo stones % moonstones (rare crit drop)
  14. I will never get the Heptagonal Daimond :P

    drama everywhere