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  1. Junghado 70+ kill and still no hat really?

    Got my hat after 2 runs looks like you need to pray to rngesus more haha
  2. I think it's way too slow.... Already have 4 characters at 45 2 at hm5 not enough to do game is dead af
  3. Destroyers are dps/support we deal out the dps and grab cc bosses so your scrub ass can stand there and derp your way to the top of the aggro meter get a life
  4. Need help with surviving?

    Use the defense version of emberstomp and use the defense version of hurricane on my Destro during hurricane while standing in emberstomp I have almost 8.5k defense bosses hit me like a wet noodle and as for lots of adds use typhoon with the stun you can easily kill tons of adds without them ever even hitting you
  5. Game dying or just unpopulated server?

    I have 3 45's on hajoon and have quit until 50 patch... server is dead and the game is already stale and boring unfortunately. Forum lurking tends to be be way more entertaining atm it's such a shame ncsoft *cricketed* this game up so fast but we kinda knew it was gonna happen
  6. Well, this is the best MMO ever!

    Don't worry the fun goes away pretty quick... 3 lvl 45's later I already quit I'll be back for 50 patch and unfortunately forum lurking is more entertaining atm... Doing the same boring stuff everyday is stale af if only we had battlegrounds or decent pvp *cough cough* not botrena
  7. Server under maintenance

    same here and I just hit 44 on my lock the log in screen says im still lvl 42 I hope it didn't rollback -_-
  8. Every time I see a summoner I see a free kill so easy to kill as a Destro haha
  9. Swordsman Hat droprate

    Got mine on 2nd run =p
  10. Bots who farm Quartz

    Simple solution make every node in every zone usable by every player once per day have them reset when dailies do. Everybody can get quartz and the market prices will be more where they should be and it would be pointless for bots to farm them as everyone who has picks can get their own.
  11. So... that maintnance tho

    it was only extended by 20 minutes lol well for now its at 20 minutes
  12. So... that maintnance tho

    whats even worse? maintenance has been extended haha
  13. maintenance has been extended.... by 20 minutes lol just posted on twitter
  14. So whats expected of you to pug a BSH

    I run true profane 10 with 25 ap diamond and i can beat bsh 6 no problem. I still have infernal accessories and i can still easily beat any content in this game i have 45k hp 400 piercing 45% crit and 115% accuracy and at the end of the day ill take someone who knows what techs and iframes are over somone who bought stats....
  15. Junghado is a joke to kill I usually kill him with 1:30 to kill on the timer I literally can kill him without him touching me once.... Stock up on your resist all damage for 6 seconds potions and you're g2g