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  1. You could also save the appearance in the Wardrobe and then upload it somewhere.
  2. Just post with the img URL or use the "Insert other media" button. The post will automatically show the image. It needs to have the file type at the end of the URL. Just a plain web link won't do it.
  3. Ohhh so that what that was for. Thanks.
  4. How do you then add the customization to the creator? I didn't see an option to upload on the game if I had one.
  5. My next one. Getting better at character creator. Lots of OCD on this one. Noticed I could have put the mouth tail to 1 to give a small smirk but this still has its draw.
  6. Another of mine. I really like the background effect.
  7. Here is my character. (hope they fix the neck some day, it looks painful)
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