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  1. failed to connect

    same for me after the maintenance
  2. Do you all buy golds from the auto websites?? It seems not enough golds are coming up to the currency exchange market
  3. Disconnected from server

    I can not start the game with pop up disconnected from server, I am wondering if this is the maintenance for whole server or just a few ppl having this problem
  4. guyz which EU server has the most people and crowded? Currently playing at Cardinal ate and dont really think has many ppl
  5. my BM in KOR server

    You playin in NA/EU? I play in EU cardinal gate hehe
  6. my BM in KOR server

    dw females of all races can wear that. just wondering when it would come out here :P
  7. my BM in KOR server

    oh thats fkin great news!!!
  8. my BM in KOR server

    I used to play at KOR server last yr and here are images of unique outfits :P Hope these come out in NA/EU soon!
  9. thought this prob should be fixed after the maintenance today. but I'm still having the problem with user agreement pop up not appearing. anyone suffering this too?
  10. I'm currently playing in European server, and when I enter my pin on the main screen, the agree/disagree pop-up doesn't show up for 10minutes. Anyone having the same problem?