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  1. I dont draw often and cant line art for shit but, I drew this for a friend after 10years of knowing her, and never drawing her lol.
  2. My Lyn Mother was given the event outfit, and.. shes shy about it. but she kinda likes it
  3. What are you even talking about? You can use macros and "press buttons every time you use a skill". When they go from statements like : Anyone has the right to question what can and cannot be used. Throw out the ToS line in a thread that doesnt have conflicting statements buddy. @Enhance I too, am going to use that as the official stance. Sadly, Anyone else who didnt watch the stream will have to get the update from random posts, like I did from you lol.
  4. Thats the official word now? It would be realllly nice if they werent all over the place with this statement : / Or mod could just flat out tell us on the forums where their stance on macros are. I dont even use them, but, its not fair for the people who do, to get banned when they are flip flopping their statements.
  5. I forgot that I never bothered to claim this outfit. It looks good on a warlock
  6. Ohh, I see what they mean now. Thank you On topic, I really like your creepy pretty girls. That one there though reminds me of my Warlock Im leveling on an alt with friends.
  7. Pardon my ignorance.. whos Levi?
  8. Well I now know what ERP means. Thanks lol
  9. Looked at my past screenshots and noticed this unintentional moment caught. hes too young for such interests ;o;
  10. Ended up remaking my Kung Ku master, because he ended up looking more Walock than the ones I created to be a warlock. Random hug
  11. Ireally like this new Lyn. Too bad Im going to have to put him on hold when Warlack comes out I tried to zoom in on my character and the camera clearly wanted to focus on the more interesting person. At least I got my ears in the photo? >>; Shes so mean
  12. I only have Lyns that are short atm, who are leveled, so I made this taller Lyn to try out outfits. The new one is more spiffy than I thought *_*
  13. I wanted to make a male and female twin Lyn race.
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