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  1. I know ill return at some point maybe over the summer. But, with cash shop outfits being too high, for being nontradeable,( so I dont want to throw money at this game), and PvP being fillllllled with bots, Ive lost the drive to even log on. If I had an hour to kill, I use to hop on for a few matches, now, I just play Stardew Valley lol
  2. I picked the black one because it was lazy. I felt a connection with it. But then I realized it huge front feet, and regretted everything.
  3. I dont draw often and cant line art for shit but, I drew this for a friend after 10years of knowing her, and never drawing her lol.
  4. Ive said from the start, I dont think Breasts are needed for Lyns. They can look older without that feature. But I roll my eyes at the pedo comments people run to. My male Lyns I think of them as children, and make them look like kids. My female Lyn, I went for a motherly older look. Not all Lyns are children. And just because we as humans decided to sexualize breasts to the point we have to cover them up, or be considered indecent, adding breasts doesnt automatically mean youre trying to look sexy. That being said, Im so glad we dont have Tara lolis running around. T
  5. My Lyn Mother was given the event outfit, and.. shes shy about it. but she kinda likes it
  6. Im been having the coldest streak with the wheel for weeks now. My friends are pulling 4/5s Im seriously pulling no more than 2. lol. Im way behind everyone. Luckily the outfit isnt anything I care about.
  7. I hope this was suppose to be ironic.
  8. Nope, I dont know if they randomly click your name but once youre on whatever list they have, they dont stop. My friends and I only play this game together. We dont party with others, and only cross servered once, just for fun. We are all on skype when we play, so there is almost no need to actually type. 2 of us are boy spammed, the other two arent. Its funny, the friend who defended NCSoft the most, and plays the least because of work, ended up being one of the friends targeted. She logs in every few days to see a list of bots, and constantly gets spammed whispers.
  9. Warlock has been so good to me, that i feel like all my drop rate for an alt is going to be horrible. I havent had to do something more then 3times before getting a weapon.
  10. What are you even talking about? You can use macros and "press buttons every time you use a skill". When they go from statements like : Anyone has the right to question what can and cannot be used. Throw out the ToS line in a thread that doesnt have conflicting statements buddy. @Enhance I too, am going to use that as the official stance. Sadly, Anyone else who didnt watch the stream will have to get the update from random posts, like I did from you lol.
  11. Thats the official word now? It would be realllly nice if they werent all over the place with this statement : / Or mod could just flat out tell us on the forums where their stance on macros are. I dont even use them, but, its not fair for the people who do, to get banned when they are flip flopping their statements.
  12. Interesting~ But, I wasnt trying to imply anything was wrong with your lyn, lol. I like the tail honestly. You just happen to post a pic that, at a distance when running behind it looked like a chicken tail to me, and saved me the trouble of googling a pic of the tail. Your second lyn is scary : ' ( Like the Joker in a alternate universe.
  13. I was confused by what you meant. Damn my curiosity.
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