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  1. Well, good luck waiting for staff respond. U get only a message from mod whom is probably not even connected to the NCSOFT people directly.. ;)
  2. Hows the bot situation nowadays? Since my clan left this game, we are wondering if something actually got better?
  3. @Smudger Thats quite truth, only thing some mod could do in this thread is to tell us to not name and shame bots :F Thats quite hilarious, isnt it? :D
  4. Bump, could You please answer @Avenger
  5. Question: You are like moderator or You are part of team working @office? just wondering before asking any further questions.. :)
  6. Me and my mates already left the game. Was fun at the begining, but now, well, botfest. We do not enjoy that, and we would stay in, but lack of any response in threads like that assure us it will be the same as in KR/CN BNS - NOTHING was done till now if it comes abt bot case, so many years passed and its even worse. Good luck with that, i think they want to milk this product with as low cost as they can and then jump to another one.. :)
  7. Well its good they have time to answer all other name and shame and more useless threads tho ;) In case someone didnt get that, I'm being sarcastic.
  8. Yet another dead thread? Thats shame, its quite important tho. I mean BUMP
  9. Well not really, but its a bit high, i mean in Lineage2 there was 7 days of the waiting time - which is ok in case You get Your acc stolen or something, someone wont delete Your char then, but well, delays here are really kinda milky way.. :)
  10. This. As far as i reckon, wardrobe is free in tw, cn, ru, anyone could clarify if im right ?(really dont want to spread false infos)
  11. For example, me and my wife would probably get premium, just because we like to have premium, regardless of the benefits. There is just one thing, we kinda feel like wardrobe being only for premiums is bullsht, i mean, its rip off. Now I'm not buying costumes, i really do enjoy some of them, but i'm not doing it, because simply i dont have a place to store them anyways :) Thats bad marketing. I don't like the feeling being ripped off ;)
  12. Eska

    how to pvp KFM?

    Probably none of the Force Masters would say what You just did at the moment ;)
  13. I was playing lineage few years on ncsoft servers, dunno how it is atm but it was saving the info nomatter what :x
  14. I do understand Your POV, but there is a little missunderstanding. Regular outfits are regular. They are aint Porshe, they are dunno, honda. Its no luxury. Afaik there will be more 'prestigeous' costumes, they will cost more than regulars. THESE will be a 'porshe', and following the logic, they will cost somewhat, ehm, 40€? Or even more. Dont missunderstand 'luxury'. It's aprivilege to have a regular car, but its a luxury to have an expensive one.
  15. Personally i would rather want to play B&S in subscription mode. Free2play games just makes me sick. I was playing Lineage2 6 years paying month sub - and i enjoyed it pretty much. When Lineage2 became f2p, well, most of You can figure out what happened ;)
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