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  1. The soul fighter looks like a really boring concept, to be honest...
  2. True - while I haven't spent any money on the game yet at all, I certainly will not do so until some things are changed/optimized. Right now, I can't even play dungeons properly because of lag and stuttering, so I basically quit after I got the dash costume...
  3. Forget him/her - he/she's just trolling/trying to make critics of the game look stupid.
  4. No worries, you'll get them through RNG cash shop boxes now... ;)
  5. Also: The MMO market is extremely overstated, and almost no new game in the genre will get high praises anymore these days, even if they do some things differently...
  6. You can add RNG boxes for cash to the list now...
  7. What gets me: Didn't that come up in testing? I mean, there are so many smaller and bigger problems in this 5 year old game, one must wonder what NC did there? At first glance the localization felt really solid, but the deeper people get into the game the more amateurish it actually feels.
  8. A bid system that favors subscribers, since they will accumulate more cash in the long run...
  9. Yea, but most games have systems or rules against that... good thing I'm finished with the main story for now, because all the problems keep piling up to a point where I don't really want to put any more time in the game right now.
  10. I especially agree to the wardrobe and inventory space changes... this game clearly aspires to be more then just another Asia grinder, of which there are a dime a docent, so cheap shopping "incentives" like restricted inventory space should really be avoided, since they give of a certain, low quality feeling the game does not deserve... Make good cash shop content (costumes, cosmetics) and people will buy it!
  11. Not every country in the world bases their ratings on sexual content like the US, in some places violence is a much stronger deciding factor... which is more sensible, to be honest. On topic: That is Hyung-Tae Kim's art style, and even if he left NCSoft, I don't think they should depart from it... yea, I'm a longtime fan of his work, so I'm kinda biased there. ;)
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