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  1. Hm... makes you think, though. I mean, how do gold sellers operate then? They can't bot grind mobs for gold unless they have a subscription, in which case they have to make enough money to make it worth it. On the other hand, people that buy their gold have no sub but still pay for the game... it just doesn't add up. ...could it be that gold sellers actually work with NC on this one?
  2. ...and others have legitimate criticism for the game. Actually, if those people go away, you can start to pack your bags too, because that usually means the game goes next... as long as there are complains, there are people that care.
  3. Biggest shame about that: This is a real high profile game in Asia - not WoW big, but still big - and it has (or had) the potential to shake up the western market too... but after that hackjob of a localization and certain business model decisions, interest in it will die off pretty soon and it will join the other, more or less unremarked Asia ports like TERA or Aion, which is really a shame...
  4. I especially agree to the wardrobe and inventory space changes... this game clearly aspires to be more then just another Asia grinder, of which there are a dime a docent, so cheap shopping "incentives" like restricted inventory space should really be avoided, since they give of a certain, low quality feeling the game does not deserve... Make good cash shop content (costumes, cosmetics) and people will buy it!
  5. It's not really hate, they just don't care... doesn't help, I know. ;)
  6. What irks me the most: I really thought we finally had departed the horrible "westernization" hackjobs common in anime in the 80ies and 90ies (*cough* Sabre Rider *cough*). Back then the translators had no understanding or respect for the source material, so all they had to do was make it digestible for a clueless market. Today, however, we live in a different world, and we really should be beyond that kind of "westernization", no matter the reasons behind it...
  7. @Bearil That also explains why your character is suddenly transported to another continent without explanation... I guess the time-travel ark was thought to be "too complicated" for western audiences. Personally, I find that a little insulting... Also, on the topic of "changing misogynistic, racist, etc." content: In a free, adult society, such changes should not be needed, because you should trust an adult audience to be able to handle stuff like that! What are we talking about here?
  8. So, even though this is a mature game, actual mature themes are being censored because the localization team deems them offensive? Yea, sounds the like the modern world we are living in... still, changing stuff simply because it offends ones personal sensitivities is just plain unprofessional.
  9. With number of videos NCS has sponsored them self, I'm not really shocked about that... many people seam to want to make big money on this game. ...I'll give it, say, a month. ;)
  10. Because the whole system hinges on RNG and the need for keys... it's how the game is setup. With the high speed of leveling, grindy stuff like that is practically the only thing that keeps people plying in late game (aside PvP). Personally, I find it better then say, Raid grinding in other MMO's. On the other hand, I agree that more stuff should be tradeable - as it stands, the market is not really needed most of the time.
  11. Actually looks like an attack to me...
  12. Haha, and people fear we might get replaced with machines in the near future...
  13. Offense is never given, only taken... that being said, the chat should be cleaned up of gold sellers.
  14. Not every country in the world bases their ratings on sexual content like the US, in some places violence is a much stronger deciding factor... which is more sensible, to be honest. On topic: That is Hyung-Tae Kim's art style, and even if he left NCSoft, I don't think they should depart from it... yea, I'm a longtime fan of his work, so I'm kinda biased there. ;)
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