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  1. If that's the only reason, then maybe the game just isn't worth a subscription then? I really don't see the problem... I just know that I for one will never buy outfits in the store because I'm not willing to take up a subscription to have room for those outfits.
  2. So? What happened to "support the company"? Restricting inventory space is one thing, but hiding a whole game feature behind a paywall is just plain wrong.
  3. Of course - and other people have all the right to ignore you and/or call you a self important, reactionary child that takes it's believes about the world from people just as clueless as itself, for it. Alas, both actions - just as the depiction of women in games (or any other form of entertainment for that matter) - shouldn't be, and aren't of any real consequence. Don't get me wrong - societies are influenced by their art, there is no doubt about that, but art (in the widest sense) is also an expression of culture, and as such has a reason for being as it is... if the culture cha
  4. I really hope you get payed well then... just kidding. ;) I agree, you have all the right to criticize it, you also have the right to not play/watch the game, but you have no right to judge it or demand changes - that's where your rights end and the rights of the creators begin. See how that works?
  5. Yea yea, I heard all that in buckets over the last couple of years - believe whatever you will, I'm not here to challenge your slanted education, however - it still doesn't change the fact that judging art from foreign cultures with "western" glasses on, is everything from hypocritical to narrow minded and xenophobe... take your pick there.
  6. Yea, that pretty much like saying that the movie Oceans Eleven made people rob Vegas Casinos, but that topic has been done to death and got dismissed a long time ago. I'm not offended at all, I'm just saying that - maybe - western audiences should consider something other then their own sensibilities once in a while. Only because the "progressive" west has embraced the questionable notion that "sexualized depictions of (of course only) women in the media" is somehow "harmful" all of a sudden, doesn't mean that the rest of the word will subscribe to that too...
  7. ...and GTA is one step away from mass murder, gotcha. On topic: It's the art style of Hyung-Tae Kim - who is NOT a hentai artist, but one of the most influential and respected South Korean fantasy artists. The whole game represents his art, not only the female characters, so the costumes (male and female) naturally do so too...
  8. As far as I know, players don't get anything for attacking low levels... still, you can't really fault anyone for it. I usually am strongly against ganking/griefing, but in this game, that's how it works - it might not be "honorable", but that's about it.
  9. Oh come on now, that's just... bad word. So, because NC implemented a stupid system they obviously didn't think people would exploit - and they also have no interest in changing, apparently - players should just ignore a whole other game system? What kind of a "solution" is that? You are aware that there are players that don't have a guild/circle of friends playing the game, who need the dungeon finder, are you?
  10. Haha, sorry, that cracked me up...^^
  11. I doubt that's what most people are really mean when they criticize the f2p model... If my 25 years as a gamer (and in business) have told me anything, then how to spot a company that tries to nickle and dime their customers while investing the bare minimum into their product - that's exactly the vibe I get from BnS for now, and I'm evidentially not the only one. The only reason why this wasn't evident from the get go to me is, that the original game is such a high quality product... but starting from the weak writing/translation, lackluster voice overs - in the Asian v
  12. Yup, I know, but that seams to be the game when all is said and done: Either do PvP (faction dailies) or dungeons/PvE dailies... you could also try crafting, some of that stuff seams to be good for making money - or make the transformation stones yourself - I never dabbled in that, though.
  13. Jut as an aside, but really now? Why? Since when is criticism bad? On topic: That's a common practice with f2p games - money packs usually have odd values, so people have to get multiple smaller or one bigger pack for what they actually want to buy... sounds stupid, but it seams to work.
  14. Hm... dunno, do dailies? I'm in the same position right now, and I already have the next evolution weapon lined up too. This is where the grind begins, I guess. ;)
  15. You taken a look at the current generation of gamers? Feelz are horribly important to them... just saying. I'm an old dude, I couldn't care less, tbh. ;)
  16. What gets me: Didn't that come up in testing? I mean, there are so many smaller and bigger problems in this 5 year old game, one must wonder what NC did there? At first glance the localization felt really solid, but the deeper people get into the game the more amateurish it actually feels.
  17. Agreed, but it's also about how players "feel" in those games, and all the premium perks will start to weigh in on that in the long run - all I'm saying. The money drop is just a minor thing, but it's not the only one... you know?
  18. Agreed, but right now, some of that balancing is seriously off in places... granted, you don't notice it in the beginning, with all the surveys and daily dash, etc. but the restrictions start to pile up.
  19. A bid system that favors subscribers, since they will accumulate more cash in the long run...
  20. Thank you! In this market, you don't treat your f2p crowd badly if you don't want your game to die of under population - that goes duble for PVP focused games... sure, right now BnS is the new, hot sh*t, but for how long?
  21. I can't comment on the numbers (since I'm not a premium member), but if the money drops are level appropriate (up to 1 silver at 45 for bosses), they could help alleviate some of the crazier prizes of ESSENTIAL items in the game... if free players would get half of that, it still would be good enough. As I said, "good" f2p is about taking longer to get stuff, not being barred from options subscribers have, and BnS has several examples of that...
  22. It might not be such a big deal in general, but combined with all the other minor things premium members have over free players, it's starting to add up. I really hope that a couple of 1000 premiums are enough for NC to keep the game going, because the free players will fall behind more and more because of stuff like that, and it might turn off a large number of them. You don't hide complete game features behind a paywall, not even SWTOR does that... restricted money drops from mobs? Sure, that could work, but none? Nope.
  23. It is sneaky, though... non of the (payed or otherwise) reviewers picked up on that fact, it seams.
  24. Yea, but most games have systems or rules against that... good thing I'm finished with the main story for now, because all the problems keep piling up to a point where I don't really want to put any more time in the game right now.
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