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  1. Haha, yea... give me an RNG box and maybe you get payed for it. Love it!
  2. What? I played Tera for at least as long as BnS... of course, I was only lvl 25 in Tera in the same amount of time it took me to get one char to 45 and one to 15 in BnS. ;) It was a good game... once.
  3. Ah well... all I know is that the price of Moonwater transformation stones has dropped by 1 gold from yesterday.
  4. Still on the hunt for the great, white wale...
  5. No worries, you'll get them through RNG cash shop boxes now... ;)
  6. Plus: They'll drown the market in soul stones, moonwater transformation stones, and everything else people have been making money of up until now - GG NC, you killed your ingame economy, GG indeed.
  7. Go to wallmart and get one... costs about the same as this virtual one.
  8. Don't worry, you already made the move worth it for NC... well done. ;)
  9. I highly doubt that - too much work.
  10. Yea, but those are dye RNG sets - so there are guaranteed dyes in them, you just don't know what colors exactly. Also, I think they are trade able on the auction house (the dyes, not the boxes).
  11. Well, there are soulstones and other materials in the boxes, and those are tradeable...
  12. All depends on what will be in the item shop... right now it looks like all the stuff will be either cosmetic or achievable in game... we'll see about that. What we already know though is: Characters will use shared storage, almost everything will be trade able and the auction house will have fixed prices.
  13. Also: The MMO market is extremely overstated, and almost no new game in the genre will get high praises anymore these days, even if they do some things differently...
  14. No, but they are regulated by law, and quite strictly so... believe me, the world of mainstream video games doesn't want to be under the watchful eye of any gambling agency. Also: There are countries where gambling in any form is prohibited outright, and this game is playable in some of those too... still, as I said, you cannot win money directly through the RNG boxes, only indirectly, so it's not gambling in a legal sense.
  15. You can add RNG boxes for cash to the list now...
  16. I think the law doesn't equate invested time and virtual currency to actual money, if it did, many MMO's would have to change quite a few things for their games to not be "illegal", essentially...
  17. So, let me get this straight: You have to buy a RNG box to maybe get that specific costume, then you have to buy another item to make it account bound, and should your inventory be already on the full side, you also need to be a premium member to access the wardrobe in order to store it? ...ok, people still defending that game's cash shop don't deserve better, sorry.
  18. It has? I don't really remember reading that... Not the topic, though.
  19. As I said, that's the new MO of eastern/western publishers: Make a cheap port of an established game and see what you can get away with in the west... they don't care if they kill the game, the preorders alone made them their money back already (exaggeration, obviously).
  20. It's not the first one, though... there is such a thing as customer trust, and NC has not the greatest track record in preserving that.
  21. I doubt NC will care, to be honest... take a look at all the other Korean ports that came in the last couple of years. Somehow the western arms of eastern publishers seam to be convinced that cheaply porting games over and slapping a horrible cash shop system on it is an easy way to make big money. I'm starting to fear for Black Desert Online.
  22. Agreed... after going through the whole story line and all side quests as they are right now, I honestly feel somewhat cheated out of an authentic experience. The visuals and style are there, but some of the characters mannerism and certain story beats feel like they have been written by a 5th grader...
  23. Really depends on how they sell it, I think... the longer they wait, the more people will really understand the move, though. Still, if the wardrobe is the only reason people hold on to their sub, the game is not really worth a sub in the first place... as are most MMOs these days, to be honest. Having a f2p MMO with an optional sub is the worst business model anyhow.
  24. Definitely will not help the game, seeing how player count is already plummeting as the "game of the month" crowd is moving on to stuff like the Devision beta...
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