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  1. One way to keep the impact of certain topics to a minimum... beats censoring, I guess.
  2. True, but they already made a metric ton of money on that "second hand" game... I really think they are going all out in checking what they can get away with now - consequences be damned.
  3. Yea, but I doubt that this was what they meant when they said "we have special plans to combat bots/gold sellers". Then again they also said they don't want for the f2players to feel like second class citizens...
  4. Not accusing you of anything, I was just contemplating the term "p2w" in general... jeez, you youngsters are always SO defensive. ;)
  5. That's the thing, though, isn't it? In a game where "winning" has nothing to do with gear stats or anything there like, what exactly is p2w? I think p2w is no longer an applicable criticism for some games... I'd personally would call them: Pay 2 fully enjoy... or maybe even pay 2 sate OCD. ;)
  6. Yup, and some of them have only started to degrade in the last couple of years...
  7. You can't even get them for Hongmoon coins... wouldn't want f2players get an outfit "for free", now, would we? ;)
  8. That's the other thing - the game isn't even fully functioning for some people, and they already start nickle and dimming them... really classy.
  9. Case and point... they know their market, it seams.
  10. Cracked me up, sorry... ;) I'm not saying I never payed for pixels in a game before, but this particular game/company really doesn't deserved it, as far as I'm concerned. Then again, it indeed seams to be a limited time offer, and judging from some posts here, this minimum work afford stunt has already made NC a nice sum... so next will be valentines day boxes then, I guess.
  11. So true... stop complaining about unethical business practices you guys! What else is a lazy company to do these days? Selling sh*t for gold is linearly the only thing they can do to keep this game alive! ...well, they could be generating actual content to sell on the market, but HEY, that takes investment and WORK, nobody can expect a company to actually do that, especially if they paddle their second hand games outside of their home market.
  12. It's kind of a sidestory... they have many of the locations and characters of the game, though. Typical Japanese game tie in series...
  13. Yea, how dare those plebs be critical customers... so bothersome.
  14. True, they aren't milking the cow, though - they slaughter it. That can't go on forever, at some point, nobody will be willing to invest into ports of Asian games anymore... that's why I say it's unwise.
  15. Simple: Psychology... a costume might not be vital to the game, but it FELLS vital, especially when you slap a price tag on it. It's kind of a symptom of the time: The strong mobile market influence has transformed most game companies into money hungry fast food paddlers, always on the hunt for the fabled whale, and they use stuff like the implied value and exclusivity of ingame items as their bait. Pity one good game after the other has to fall victim to that senseless business practice...
  16. Well, that's the wormhole... if situations like that pop up, people start to question if the game is even worth it in the first place, and - as a publisher - you don't want that to happen, if you know what you are doing.
  17. True, but that particular artist is hyung-tae kim - the guy that has, singlehandedly defined the style of the game.
  18. Considering the the lead artist of BnS left NC, that might be a likely future for the game, yea... then again, it still is a very popular game in KR.
  19. A cynical person might think that that's exactly where eastern publishers want their western ports to be, ideally...
  20. I'd call that Stockholm syndrome level of apologetics... well, whatever let's one suppress that pesky buyers remorse, I guess.
  21. Without being to condescending, but I hope some people will learn from that... you don't throw money at "those companies" before they have proven they actually value their customers.
  22. Harsh, but I agree: Selling RNG boxes containing one costume and whole bunch of (tradeable) ingame items on top of everything else is just lazy and greedy... combine that with all of the problems stemming from the game being a cheap port, and NC has made it abundantly clear they don't give a damn about the game or their customers. I for one will not support that...
  23. Yea, well, after the hackjob localization, I'm not really shocked about that, though.
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