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  1. "A strange game, the only winning move is to not play at all"... old movie quotes sometimes carry great wisdom. ;)
  2. I still find it worse they actually changed story because of "potentially offensive subject matters"... I mean, nobody actually cares about virtual booty, but censoring narrative is, in essence, "old school" censoring of thought. That's unacceptable.
  3. Don't worry, it's most likely not your PC... the net code of this game is horrible, chocking on even the smallest internet hiccups. I have a 50mbit broadband connection and Frankfurt (where the EU servers are) is just an 8 hour drive away from where I'm, and I still can't play dungeons because of lag issues. I never had problems like hat either, not even in Asian MMO's where the servers actually are in Asia.
  4. ...but but but PvP game! Sorry, but that's the arguments you will get if you say such reasonable things. ;) Truth is, the game is in need of much stronger moderation when it comes to stuff like lowbe killing, which will not happen because NCsoft, so new players will either have to cope or move on to another game - which is the more likely outcome. To keep a game open for a large audience these days is hard work, especially if many of your game systems are still broken/easily exploited, and I don't see that happening with a budget title like BnS.
  5. The soul fighter looks like a really boring concept, to be honest...
  6. True - while I haven't spent any money on the game yet at all, I certainly will not do so until some things are changed/optimized. Right now, I can't even play dungeons properly because of lag and stuttering, so I basically quit after I got the dash costume...
  7. You ever tried going bot hunting in a free to play game? There are MANY random letter combinations to make names from, I tell you. ;)
  8. They have become quite adapt at skirting around basic customer rights, though...
  9. Like it was stated for BnS? ;) Just kidding... I hope you are right.
  10. There are RNG pet boxes in the KR version of Black Desert, though... pretty much the same as here. We can just hope that those don't come over to the west too... http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/10114-rng-boxes/
  11. Everything is geared towards keeping players playing for as long as possible - which only really makes sense for the subscribers, of course - RNG boxes within RNG boxes to get your breakthrough weapons was the first stupid thing I encountered, didn't really think anything off it though. Also, literally nothing you get is a) worth anything or be) non tradeable (aside from some materials)... again, grinding dailies takes long time, so that's what you have to do. Now add RNG boxes in the shop to the mix, and you have a complete picture... an ugly one.
  12. ...and another apologetic "fan" wishing for critiques to just go away. Never get's old...
  13. "damage control"... as in: Censoring people critizising NC's sh*tty business practices? Sounds legit...
  14. Forget him/her - he/she's just trolling/trying to make critics of the game look stupid.
  15. To be fair, one has to be quite bored to use elaborate hyperbole to make the critics of a game look stupid... either that or he works for NC. ;)
  16. No, it really isn't... I feel pretty much the same, though... the story was nice - one time - and the game looks and feels really nice, but other then that, there isn't much there, really. The word is small, the quests are short, simple, and easily experienced in one "play through", the gearing at 45 is super grindy and hardly rewarding,... then again, yea, it's f2p, and I had my fun for a couple of hours.
  17. I was talking about her alternate outfit - I didn't even notice they got bigger in the "nude" scene... smarta**.
  18. It's called a push up... ;) Also: The "choose light side" option comes later in the story.
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