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  1. Hongmoon energy

    upgrade how? can you elaborate more than that?
  2. crashing during raijin+fujin

    Every time i get to the last 2 bosses in naryu labyrinth the game just crashes halfway thru the fight. usually when they aoe. my fps is normal when it happens too and the whole time up to that point im not lagging or having any unusual issues. So why does it crash there always?
  3. No Boost EXP from food

    i had this problem too but i'm not sure its actually a bug. Because we have level 45 and Hongmoon levels and when i kill mobs (or turn in quests) it says i gained hongmoon arts exp, which could be a separate type of exp from "normal" exp. The item also doesn't say it boosts "hongmoon exp" but just "exp".
  4. PSA for Forcemasters

    I prefer ice build but i keep trying burn build and keep an open mind about it because both have their applications in certain situations.
  5. calm down with the elitism already. The requirement serves no real purpose and has nothing to do with how well (or not) a run goes. This is because you can buy the dokumo weapon and go in there with crap gear like you have been crying about someone doing. so you see how the requirement does nothing? get over it.
  6. Serpent Calling Bell

    oh ya you're right i forgot that part
  7. How much health @ level 40

    23k hp right now at 45, most people in squads have about 20-30k and most of your hp is coming from soul shield set it seems. honestly dont worry too much about it until you get max level.
  8. Serpent Calling Bell

    you have to buy the ravenfeather fan (whatever its called) from the Cerulean or Crimson legion merchant in the scorching sands and then you can find Cho'gath on top of a building outside sandstone refuge
  9. What is your Least Favorite quest zone.

    Gloomdross Forest was too gloomy also Highland Necropolis because of spooky skeletons QQ
  10. Level 45... Now what ? ^^;

    I was looking for that info too so thank you for sharing! What about the other accessories those are good to keep upgrading like the weapon?
  11. Can't log into forums

    Every time i go to log into the forums i just refreshed the page and doesnt log me in. I have to log in like 4 or 5 times before it actually logs me in. and to be clear its not like im messing up my password or email because then i would get a notification that the info was incorrect and that isn't happening either. Even if i go to another thread or sub section of the forums i get logged out and have to do that again. its pretty annoying x.x
  12. Profession overview sheet

    hey now don't let the secret out!
  13. Akihabara [PVE/ PVP /CFT]

    hi I'd like to join your guild, i'll try to send you a pm if you are online, if not you can pm me too my ign is Nattsun, I'm a lyn force master level 40 :3
  14. Tomb of Exiles Difficult

    I enjoy the difficulty level of Tomb of Exiles. it has some challenges, while everything else has been really easy... fun, but easy..
  15. SUMMONER way to broken

    I found them pretty hard to fight in the few arena matches i did. At first i thought just kill the cat and they'll be weaker but that cat was not a quick kill and they weren't much weaker without it lol. i tried to just keep the cat CC'ed instead and focus the summoner and that went about the same result, me dying and them only around 1/3 HP at best. Of course, i know like nothing about other classes and even Force Master I can learn alot more.