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  1. this May 15 event will be for everyone equally or will they do gear discrimination again?
  2. Small says? I would not be surprised if the game came to live again as before they had a server in Brazil if it is so small. Why did they translate the game into their language? portugues-brasil .. and the ping problem tries with killping or pingzapper.
  3. With that thought the problem is not the casual players. The problem is stupid thinking players like yours. I hope that a company or business never have people like you in front to attract people, you take them to be undoubtedly bankrupt! By closed thinking like yours many new players or possible whales can not stand to play with the level of toxics they are. and the discrimination to do by only having main quest equipment. I seen and everyone in this game and you can confirm to remove from the party people started by they do not have raven in NS! EL.IF. HM CS and until the weekly missions
  4. Like you said. many things can be obtained in the game .. now well. I'll give you the example of gems. before the gems were the hardest to get, being a player who dedicates to play could get them in a single month and when the trove came they got them in 1 day those who beat. Now a person who plays and gets his gem per event a hepta and one who pays the keys to the trove get the Gilden, that is not pay to win? in pvp 6vs6 that person would not be at a disadvantage? .. a player who runs vt for months to get hearts from the hive queen ..... this game sells items to win not evolve. enter to play
  5. IS a good point of view Norbert. the games are falling apart faster than I thought. Jonathan and Linxy left the game, the Heaven's Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items joke in which we lost a lot of gold. the junk event we have now only for whales, now the Server Consolidation because the number of players is declining, today 5 min to find party for NS. I think that the people who are in charge of keeping the game alive are no longer up to what the players expect. Signal that they are just sitting laughing at the players thinking how to complicate the existence in the game to those who are
  6. I agree with the Nerf. today those who prefer mechanics luckily have a good MS so they can enjoy and have more damage in the raid. but this is a global game and many do not have 50-120 ms and many that have 250 ms+. those people are separated from the raids because they do not do enough damage or are not quick for mechanics. with this it leads that people can only equip in events. since nerf BT there are a lot of players that can at least get to raven 9 thing that before the nerf was impossible. and now even to do EL-IF- SMM-NS they ask aransu 3+. so I do not understand why they cry for a nerf
  7. all this time farmeando the items for oil, so many orbs put together in the months of farm. and now all that time and effort for 1 copper per item? Is it a f%$·"? who does not have mail, telephone, social networks to communicate with the developers? or are they still with the telegraph or smoke signals? I thought that postponing the patch was so that there are no mistakes and they do this to us .. as they laugh on our faces
  8. I'm more than agreeing that forcing us to do pvp for weekly challenge is unfair ... pvp 6vs6 is for whales .. I play in a game of 6vs6 between three 850+ characters we could not beat 1 single whale .. winning 10 times 6vs6 to unlock our crafting is just to entertain the whales and make us play that junk mode that is very unbalanced only when starting a battle the freeplayer like me we lasted only seconds. one stun and we are dead .. the freeplayer will be hours and hours and hours trying to get 1 victory. and that NC forces us to pvp only for the whales is unfair ... in pvp 6vs6 do
  9. I would like to ask you if know when you read understood the question? Okay last try. watch this video .. and if you do not understand the main idea of my post do not answer with questions that has nothing to do with the question. https://youtu.be/5cytW6Czgdg?t=93 https://youtu.be/iC903-CiMew?t=89 if you saw the video .. which way is better .. faster .. to customize the skills?
  10. and see if you understand me with this other example: when you customize a folder on your pc in a certain alphabetical order or numeral .. with which you find it faster with a name or a custom icon? ... I answer you with an image as you read without understanding. in this way it is faster and comfortable than being going into options
  11. I would like to be able to customize the skill bar by moving the skill icons without as you do with the potions and meals .. I know you can customize the bar assigning the key that one wants in options. but visually until you adapt in a long time more if you have alts is very confusing and it is always faster to find the skills by icons not by key and that confuses much in the majority. it happens to me with a lot of characters that I change for example .. change the z key for the 4 but when the icon is visually in the place of the z .. I hope it is not the only one that finds this roll unco
  12. I hope it is a mistake of the update ... I received better returns of garbage items .. like the jars and spikes of the royal dye Violet Honey Cookie ... I hope they can solve this with the next maintenance because this is a scam.
  13. another idea will be to implement the premium players a special deposit in which you can place items bound to account without having to be sending mails to your alts. you can put the costumes without using the stamps and be able to remove them with any of the alts .. that would be a very tempting idea to be premium. and non-premiums that continue to use stamps to pass the costumes to the alts
  14. with the current system some prophecies are useful to win gold and most of the others nor worth to raise them for the gold you can win .. Radiant Ring .. very expensive and rare materials to create jewelry..and difficult to climb these days. Soul Wardens .. the only most valuable of all .. shields and stones Acquired Taste ... just two items to make gold with very little sales Silver Cauldron .. no one buys antidotes for asura .. and only 1 items to make gold every 24hs .. Earthseers .. one of the most useless of the game currently .. you get more parchments in the dung than creating
  15. please read the note well: Quartz and Spring Water, which are being removed from the game. In addition, you'll be able to find these materials from dungeons, raids, and battleground quests. Additional crafting materials and Elements can be obtained through Material Chests which will grant the appropriate guild's materials when opened with the corresponding guild's Guild Key. just take out the nodes .. with this the monopoly to the bots and several players that had the nodes for them finished. finished the excessive price of quartz because of a few .. now it is easier to acquire the materials
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