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  1. [Warlock] Infinite Dragon Helix combo [PVE]

    why are you using bombardment instead of dimensional volley?
  2. Force Master pve in general

    umm no lol. thats not my video.
  3. Force Master pve in general

    i hope it helps
  4. Disconnected from server.(300)

    sigh... well time to wait lol
  5. This game should still be in Beta.

    "My game crashes constantly. Half the time it completely freezes my computer and I have to hardboot or unplug it. None of the tips to fix it work." hmm never happens to me, maybe something wrong with your pc setting. have you tried send your dxdiag.txt to the tech support? "Everyone uses the same *cricket*ing weapons. " imo the idea is refreshing. and if you want to look different, you can just glamour it. "Mobs are in short supply." try changing channel... "Everything is expensive as shit. Basically having to run everywhere because *cricket* paying 45c to jump the map." have you tried selling viridian quartz??? "Because sometimes you get stuck in combat stance and you can't get out." there is an option to escape. it will tele you to the nearest windstride. "There are more than 50 bots in the first section of the map." just turn off the region chat. "Wearing your Faction uniform and want to enter this new area with a load screen? *cricket* no. You're dead before it even loads without even a chance to fight back." just dont use your faction uniform... i hope my response can help solve some of your problem.
  6. Disconnected from server.(300)

    me too
  7. Error 200

    you can check or for unscheduled maintenance.
  8. Error 200

    i think that means maintenance lol just like last friday or thursday (depends on where you are)
  9. Oceanic players unite!

    +1 from Indonesia.