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  1. I see almost none on Yehara. You get the occasional gold spammer but its become pretty rare.
  2. Same thing happened to me earlier. I was fighting it for quite a long time so i know i did enough damage yet i received nothing...
  3. To be honest all the free 2 play MMOs I've played didn't require you to add money just to use things like sending items in mail or like in the Taiwan version the non paywall wardrobe. I am a premium member and have added slots and spent so its not that i'm cheap or anything but currently all I see is many rage posts on the new rng boxes etc. and if NCSOFT seems to need money by adding those then maybe a nice $8 subscription a month isnt such a bad thing. Right now the premium benefits arent really anything special and other than the login priority, which isnt that much a deal anym
  4. Would you guys continue to play the game if it went into a pay 2 play model? The benefits being as they do it in taiwan here: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/444t7r/naeu_and_taiwan_premium_membership_comparison/ In all honesty it would solve their money issue if they had a steady stream of revenue and have things like special costumes or other cosmetics available for purchase with either the hongmoon like you receive in Taiwanese version or ncoins to have it now. Character slots should start at 3-4 at start with option to add more with Ncoins. Costumes should also be f
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