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  1. i had 20 Premium Transformation Stones and all of them I ruined when they added an update to allow salvaging them into crystals - naively believing that those would be more useful going forward and that I could simply x-mute/proccess them back... they're relatively ruined once processed. So yeah I threw away 10k+ gold that way and also in the marketplace I misclicked on a troll sell with an extra 0 and lost like 12k that time. i'm a bit clumsy.
  2. greetings im wanting to Purchase the Steelbreaker dynamic run + Acc + SS + Weapon Mat please message me in game "Violence Lady" and if I don't respond send me a mail, I figured I'll take a couple offers and pick the most reasonable. I don't know the mechs of the dungeon and my guild I am not active with, for those of you wondering why a hm23 is buying this run 🙂 if you can refer me to a friend please do so!
  3. I just made a post about this, at least I know its not just me. DC'd dozens of times whether I put lowest graphics setting or highest, and I check my cpu gpu temp nothing was even close to registering too hot. I guess i'll make a ticket myself cause it's ruining the ability to play. you're lucky to get past 3rd stage of MSP before you dc. DC's do happen a little slightly less in f8 dungeon no? my frequent crashes happen whether you're holding a button key or not i did notice that.
  4. first let me start by saying that i purchased a NEW PC about 4 months ago that can and does run B&S wonderfully.... until it doesn't. The game crashes every 15-60 minutes per play. Restarting the client and attempting to resume after just crashing tends to increase the likleyhood of that playsession crashing in less than 20 minutes. I HAVE felt the sides of my computer and have noticed that these crashes are very likely linked to the increase in heat but I do not know that for sure. troubleshooting individual graphics (full settings or "low end pc" settings and it still crashed in MS
  5. looking to purchase a TT carry from experienced and/or buffed guild/alliance for my story quest/achievement/acquire accessories, Negotiating price for carry and drops beforehand please. Send me a mail here or add me http://na-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/profile?c=Violence Lady
  6. i have a pretty well specced intel and get between 30-120 FPS when i played B&S on an older more economical PC i got 18-35 FPS with tons of stutters. its normal for your blade & soul client to drop significant fps, especially if you play with all the nice shiney effects (which i currently run most on high or med high) try systematically changing things one by one i.e. shadows low or off, other characters skills low or off, anti aliasing modes etc. don't forget that Ctrl+F (hide other player sprites) and ctrl+X (remove UI/ aka screenshot mode) were implemented because
  7. Greets and salutations, i've been enjoying b&s as a casual mrpg/krpg since after beta coming from a million other games (tera, eso, Aika, lineage, everquest2, ultima) I have been able to overlook this issue i'm having since i don't do much "bossing" around but now that i'm at the purple shipyards i'm seeing that the difficulty scale rises significantly. (which is fine) i just want to know what I am doing wrong when the screen announces "Enemy is preparing XYZ press SPACEBAR" and displays a reasonable seeming timer. i always attempt and obviously do hit it within the smaller (green?)
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