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  1. Pro: The combat is awesome and the arena PvP is 100% balanced, apart from class balance ofc. Con: Everything else. Dungeons suck, world bosses suck, world pvp sucks, the graphics is acceptable but nothing special, the RNG sucks, the cash shop sucks, the performance and server stability is horrible, the leveling is horrible and the story not interesting.
  2. I have an R9 390, and even with 'optimized for combat' setting I have horrible lag during combat sometimes. Even in PvP 1v1. WTF? Average FPS at poh24/wyrm/terrors is like 10-20 but that is not even my problem. The combat lag is. It makes PvP unplayable with two freaking characters on the field. I remember that, while leveling, I had constant 120 FPS and even while PvPing on level 30, no lag. How did you manage to *cricket* the performance up within the course of two weeks?! (Btw. by lag in this instance I do not mean latency issues, I play with constant 30-35 ping. I mean lagsp
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