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  1. LOL

    I think that's got something to do with skype and when you click the numbers or smth. Dunno, just turn it off.
  2. They also said there will be no RNG boxes in the Store. We saw how that went. I wouldn't believe anything NC says in the first place, look at their past. They don't give a shit about their promises if there's even small profit to be made.
  3. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    They changed our hours agaaaaaain? Now that you think about it, that is pretty sexist.
  4. So kung fu masters

    Which spell in particular are you talking about? C has an obvious indication, q/e/ss do, Z does, tabbreaker does and the counter obviously has an indication too. Many classes can 100-0 you. Don't waste your tabbreaker. KFM isn't even the worst when it comes to CC because all our CC spells/stuns have short-ass range, cast time and/or long-ass cooldowns. Assassins are way worse in that compartment.

    And after 5 minutes they created new characters.
  6. Winter Chest

    Guy on reddit bought chests for 6000$, no outfit.
  7. Having an issue with targeting and ani cancel..

    New assassin nerf. :)
  8. Pros and Cons of Blade and Soul

    Pro: The combat is awesome and the arena PvP is 100% balanced, apart from class balance ofc. Con: Everything else. Dungeons suck, world bosses suck, world pvp sucks, the graphics is acceptable but nothing special, the RNG sucks, the cash shop sucks, the performance and server stability is horrible, the leveling is horrible and the story not interesting.
  9. Crafting is BS in this game...

    That is stupid and unnecessary. I've never gathered one Ore or Water in the first two areas before Moonwater and have all my professions on max. The gathering is useless, you can buy the stuff from AH anyways and it doesn't give you anything to gather Ore/Water. You get NOTHING from that. Ok, there is a lot wrong with this game and the crafting system sucks, but not for the reason you elaborate. Your stupidity/inability to see how the system works and that mining resources gives you nothing over buying them from the AH is not the games fault. But as you don't seem to understand how this game works in the first place, why do I even bother...
  10. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    Gratz ^.^ I hit my 1000 gold (or in my case about 2700 Soulstones) a short while ago too and I honestly hate that people assume ninjalooting/exploiting right away instead of asking first...
  11. Can we please get some optimization

    Yep, can relate to that 100% and I know a lot of people with similar issues. The optimization is crap. I have an R9 390, Xeon 1231v3, 16GB RAM and I get stutters/freezes/0FPS during PvP even on 'optimized for combat' setting without Bloom and all that. Oh and yeah, World Bosses are a pain even with Ctrl+F.
  12. That's like going to the lottery and afterwards complaining that one got scammed... These boxes aren't designed to let you win and honestly, HONESTLY, I wouldn't be surprised if the chance was basically 0. Nobody can check it unless they get one and if I don't see myself what the chances are and get proof that the RNG is truly random, I wouldn't even consider buying one of those. I wouldn't buy one anyways because I pay for something I want and not for the chance at getting something but that's a whole other story. Just don't buy RNG crap in games. You learned from this. Never trust the RNG. Btw. some dude on reddit got boxes worth 6000$ and didn't get the costume.
  13. Ncsoft or who ever the devs are should watch these

    They used to be 35s, 38-40s at night/morning. You get about 20 soulstones on average (take pouches instead of 2 or the 4 if available). You get 8g60 + 40s from 8 moonwater tears winning from the blue dungeons (they were at 30-40s, so 60-80 for two, people usually bid up to 49s, so 10-30s winning each run +/- market fee). That makes about 16g each day through dailies and I am expecting to cap out cause this is a Korean grinder MMO yadda, yadda. But then why did they even increase some of the prizes/decrease droprates and such with their western port?! And why not just give more as a reward from the dailies or implement more dailies instead of this milky way with the chest? You need 10 or 20 (I don't remember honestly) for each accessory which is what you get every day, you need none to get to True Profane and not a staggering amount (I really don't remember how much but it wasn't a ridiculous amount) afterwards and bopae primers are luxury after all, they are useless until the good soulshields get implemented anyways. I never found the Soulstone droprate to be too low, it is an MMO after all, you are expected to put in time and effort day after day to get what you want. Using your money each day you can buy a moonwater transformation stone each day and there was a lot of profit in making them as well (about 40g profit in the first weeks for each set of 10).
  14. Crafting is BS in this game...

    Crafting isn't really crafting. It's just waiting. You do some calculations, see how much profit is in it and then you press the button. After a while, when the market will stabilize, the question is just how much 12 hours/24 hours of waiting time is worth. Take moonwater trans for example, calculate the mats costs + marketplace fee for selling, calculate average marketplace selling price (that takes some time to learn but w/e) and decide whether you can do something more profitable in 24h with Soul Wardens or not. That's all there is really. Gathering is worthless as the prices for Axes are just as high as the average profit from a mined quartz and the gathering professions are just "Does this + marketplace fee make more profit than what the order costs". No real gathering like in WoW, Aion or any other MMO really... Huh? Maybe you should get to 45 first and then start talking about shit you have no idea about. Btw. what do you need quartz and stuff for anyways? They are worth about as much as they pickaxes anyways, so sell your pickaxes and buy the stuff off the marketplace.
  15. Ncsoft or who ever the devs are should watch these

    I would buy one costume (White Dragon) for <8$. At least for now because most of the costumes are just meh. Where did i mention P2W? And after all, you are paying... to get an advantage... to win more, right? Paying to get tradable items -> buying upgrade items for weapons and such -> dealing more damage than/win against the dude that has to farm his 16 gold via daily quests. I hate that people say P2W is only when you can get EXCLUSIVE content that changes the game through the cash-shop only. No. Not even remotely. If you needed to farm 5 days for items for the next weapon after True Siren but could also - for money - instantly upgrade your weapon without farming, then that is P2W because for the time that non-paying players farm these items, YOU are stronger and the ONLY way to compete with you is by paying money. This is one of the reasons why allowing for unregulated buying of sellable items with RL money is problematic, especially when you do it with items that are otherwise limited for a good reason. I wasn't monopolizing, I bet you don't even know what that term means. I was simply making money off the market by trading.