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  1. BNS Became P2W !

    Lol I've spent already 20 bucks on this shitty game which i wish i didnt.
  2. BNS Became P2W !

    World PVP does matter, you get all pirate items and see how HUGE of a differance it . Arena is bull shit I don't like it at all too op Classes summoner and destroyer. Also the Dungeons with full Siren and full gems you will finish them Solo which even more advantage there :)
  3. BNS Became P2W !

    So maybe this will be the most contradicting topic that people can talk about. ( Currency Exchange ) What does Pay 2 Win mean ? In my opinion I really do think that people who have money to waste on games have a major uplift to the game. Nowadays you can buy with 8GBP around 12-15 Gold maybe even more. The currency Exchange shouldn't have ever been invented or released. Why I am saying this ? Well let's say somebody puts in 1000 GBP just to buy GOLD they will be able to get most of the items Evolved to MAX with full gems and what not . When other people have to spend in weeks maybe months in game for them to achieve that stage creating alts and what not. At this point I really don't think that there is any point of playing this game. All it asks from us is our Money , and if we don't give them that you'll have to grind ur lazy ass every day doing the same shit every day to get a couple gold to evolve your Weapon. At the beginning of the game I was really enjoying every little or big aspect of BNS. But now my heart is broken and can say that the developers have done the worse mistake ever. i would want to know what you guys think about this Pay To Win Model. Maybe some of you don't think its P2W but its convenience. Convenience is when you have more inventory space, more EXP , Thats what the premium membership is for , but when you can EXCHANGE Real Life money for money in game that for me is PAY TO WIN. I think I made my point clear.
  4. Game already dying.

    This game has became Pay To Win and nobody can do anything anymore. The game is dying slowly most of my guild has left and now are looking at BDO