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  1. As title im looking to buy a new pc desktop ofc , for blade and soul . currently want to spend around 1.5k-2k £ GBP i know a little about computers but instead of me making the mistake like last time(Baught AMD Q.Q) which CPU/motherboard/Ram/gfx should i get , or is it worth getting another 750ti and running dual gfx or simply just a 980ti or titan , please help me out last thing i wanna do is spend all this cash and end up with a pc that will run the game at 40fps again wasted already around 1k GBP on the pc i currently baught :) thanks and hope some people can help me out! Cuuren
  2. i went outside once the graphics where amazing but after lvl 18 it was pay to play
  3. MESSAGE FROM TWITTER , "We're aware of the issues affecting logins and are currently investigating. Thank you for your patience."
  4. ok, u have 69 posts Illuminati confirmed.
  5. That Sawdust bread tho , try a artisan homemade bread much nicer :P
  6. people get so salty when the server goes down its not like its intended . please just relax make a cuppa and watch some tv while the issue is being resolved.
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