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  1. How many runs for a Nebula stone?

    It cost 60 of the currency. I got mine on my second run from the rewards chest. You get 2-3 per run and then there is a loot drop that I seen of up to 2 (could be more).
  2. No it doesn't affect breakthrough, only evolution.
  3. You can check them yourself as you progress. Go to the evolution screen and where the breakthrough weapon goes, select the tab and choose nebula stone. It will list the materials required.
  4. Legendary

  5. A list of the mats you save by using a Nebula Stone: Awakened Pirate to True Pirate: 8/9G (not sure) 3 Moonwater Transformation Stones 70 Soulstones 7 Hae Mujin's Machismos 3 Naryu Silvers 30 Warrior's Tokens True Pirate to True Breeze: 11 Gold 3 Silverfrost Transformation Stones 20 Moonstones 65 Soulstones 55 Frozen Stingers 2 Naryu Tablets True Breeze to Awakened Scorpio: 5 Gold 3 Silverfrost Transformation Stones 30 Moonstones 60 Frozen Stingers 70 Soulstones 3 Naryu Tablets Awakaned Scorpio to True Scorpio: 8 Gold 2 Silverfrost Transformation Stones 20 Moonstones 30 Frozen Stingers 50 Soulstones 2 Naryu Tablets
  6. Heptagonal Gems huge pay2win

    I've been pretty against the remarks of the game being P2W for a long time. This is one aspect where NOT paying players cannot possibly obtain these upgraded gems until they are droppable (which they are presently not). So at this moment in time, the update brought a spice of P2W. Regardless how strong or beneficial the gems are, this is a definitive means.
  7. The only current legendary that is released comes from the hongmoon path and is after True Scorpion. You can choose between Bale or Seraph. Any weapon can be used as a glamor on another weapon. You can purchase an infinite number of hongmoon starter weapons stage1 and upgrade it back to siren if you want to also. You need a True profane stg10 weapon to upgrade your legendary to stage 3 anyways.
  8. details of Items from chest

    You can use the marketplace to search up an item and look. The boxes are RNG based so there is no set percentage of success in opening it.

    Because that would make certain classes completely useless and defenseless in a battle. CC's are an important part of skill rotations and combos. IF you prevent them completely by having a piece of armor then that defeats the idea of "class balance."

    Technically there is. And you can tune your SS to be pvp based as well. Stack crit defense in 6v6 and you'll be a tank against most people.

    You're confused, my friend. Soulstones are 25-26 silver. Not gold. When you're browsing the marketplace, click the "unit price" button above the name of the item and make sure the arrow is pointing down. This will list the items from lowest to highest price.
  12. New optimization?

    My latency drastically improved. My lightning build on sin is so much smoother and flawlessly rotates.