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  1. I hate bots in arena not because they're unbeatable, but because they're too easy to beat. Diamond this season is a joke because of the "unbeatable" bots you're talking about.....
  2. Now that I think of it. Lux was OP when she came out. Ryze was OP after rework. Yi was OP after rework. Sona was OP after rework. It's funny how she talks trash about balance when she can't do it herself lol
  3. At the moment. We are patched with the latest patch with the latest balance. However, we are still sitting with lv 45 content, hence the feel of imbalance. On the other hand, "unplayably unbalanced" is a bit of a stretch. Sounds like an angry silver bird who gets eaten by Destroyer bots to me.
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