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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Custom Cult Classic Yun BM Yun KFM Jin Warden
  2. Solo area difficulty

    I find hong/CoS more annoying and unforgiving than Den. Even with 3 of my stronger characters if I make a mistake on the mech phase by misreading where the death zone will be you die instantly and have to do it all over again. For Den the only issue is the dps requirements. It's more recoverable though than CoS if you know which skill is going to CC you and what the next attack will most likely be. I did a test of Den for what the dps requirements are and used a Raven geared alt and cleared it with ~218K dps. Also CoS bosses have more fixed patterns than Den.
  3. Enrage Timers

    As far as I can remember instant wipe enrage became for all bosses when level 50 dungeons where introduced. I remember trying a solo and duo of Blackram Supply Chain at level 45 with 350-380AP. And the enrage of some bosses was not instant wipe. Slashimi enrage was constantly doing the boiling water AoE but still killable. Chef would just fill the room with mines and there is only a straight thin line where you could fight her. I can't remember if Mak Sobo had one but he would have a lot of mobs with him (only tried duo so never reached the enrage same with Poharan). In Bloodshade harbor bloodmane enrage was constant red AoE's but easily iframeable and killable at that point. NLab be ido enrage actually made him easier as his shield would automatically go away every few seconds and do the bomb AoE. For Fujin and Raijin their enrage was constantly doing AoE's about 1-2 seconds a part.
  4. Junghado Hat

    My BM 130 something clears of junghado no hat. My KFM and Lock with less than 50 runs have the hat and costume.
  5. Naksun vs classes

    First cleared Naksun with around 550AP on BM. The main problem with Naksun is how making a mistake at certain times is very punishing. You have to really know when his block counter combo is about to happen, since if you get countered and tossed you will basically get killed or if not close to it. Evade/Block the last hit (of 4 strikes) of his rushing combo, the last hit is the toss that again the aerial combo will get you killed or if not close to it. At <50% that AoE pull and icicles are what have to be iframed. With HM block a lot easier to deal with. The problem to that AoE which is similar to Mushin Pain/Darkness AoE is the price of the immunity potion. Although it's easier to iframe than Mushin's room wide AoE the damage immunity potion for 9f-15f is not cheap. Recently cleared 9f-15f with just the weapon that drops off awakened necropolis. I had max accessories though but with 453AP.
  6. Awakened Necropolis

    You should start trying Nexus and Asura. As long as you have the acc. and know the mechanics your AP is more than enough. Two weeks ago I had a nexus6 group with 3 people <450AP. I was 660ap at the time. Only a BD(550ap) and sum. (517ap) has more than 500AP. Took a while to get the last spot on LFP cause the last person kept dropping because of the 3 people under 450AP. But when we were full, it was a clean run no wipes. Each boss kill was a little tight on time. But everyone just talked without raging and everything went well. My static for sogun4 is 671AP BM, 580AP lock, 580BD, 480FM and usually have a full minute or more when killing Asura. Which server are you on?
  7. Moonwater Tear Farming?

    Ogong is the easiest but not the fastest (because Ogong likes to climb at certain hp%). It can be soloed at lvl 45(without good gear like true profane). Brightstone is the next one in terms of difficulty but can be shorter than Ogong. However soloing the first boss can be annoying because of the stuns the boss and mobs can do to you. Pigsty is the fastest, however if you can't kill the first boss before the poison mushrooms spawn you need to know the mechanics for it or you most likely will die from poisons and the additional mobs. I've seen 50's that have trouble with the 1st boss. But the last boss is much easier. Skittering tunnels longest one of the four (because Dokumo likes to climb also but stays up there longer). But can be very profitable if the radiant ring recipe drops. I think it still drops and on Mushin server yesterday there was only 1 in marketplace and it was posted for 499g. There was about 4-6 recipes posted last week for 90-99g.