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  1. A lie is when they KNEW about it but told us something different. Googles definition: ,,an intentionally false statement.'' He clearly said, he didnt know it. So he didnt knew it on the livestream, he didnt knew it on twitter. Maybe they. Who knows. I dont wanna whiteknight him but what some people do here is just wrong. So blame him/they for his/their incompetence.
  2. 1. Guys please stop accusing him of ''lying'' he didnt lie, he just didnt know it. So if you wanna bash him, bash him for doing his job wrong. He's working for ncsoft and BnS but ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up to make things clear. 2. Cyan. Srsly if you wanna fix this shitstorm, give us some compensation. Best would be to actually make that ''exchange'' to the new items happen. So move you butt and talk to the devs. Otherwise drop some good compensation for the loss. The ''wrong'' announcement had an Impact on the game (F5, F8 ect). I would understand if this is just a minor ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up but this is something you and ncsoft cant ignore.
  3. So it will take 26 Orbs each upgrade for the event soul. Thats 26x5(Upgrades) = 130. We only can farm 29 per week. So 29x4(Weeks Event Duration)= 116 orbs. How are we supposed to get the soul? Did u guys really calculated F10 Orbs in?