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  1. Planning your Hongmoon Training event

    @Rukkirii, @Babbletr0n, @Bronn etc. pp.: Are you really serious with limiting the puchasable amount of Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charms to 100? There are many players with Alts since playing only one class gets really boring. Now, we have to decide which of our characters should get the Peridot since you need 60 Tickets to buy it. I do understand that you want to generate money and thus want to encourage players to buy CS- and HM-Resets, but couldn't you at least enable us to get the Peridot on at least two characters; increasing the amount of purchasable Unsealing Charms by 20 to 120? The Peridots aren't even account-tradeable. You could at least be that kind, couldn't you? We were at least able to get event-gems on more than one character during the Valentine's-Day-Event...
  2. Care to tell me that "reason"? x'D Just because Yun is a female-only race? That's stupid. Hell, Lyn even have two exclusive classes!
  3. Seems like it; I simply don't like the discrimination that each race but Yun have their exclusives.
  4. KR's 10th June update, Classes Overhaul

    No, it isn't. At least not, if Single-Target-Skills require a target to be executionable. It simply feels the same gameplay-wise. I use the Nexus-Boss as reason because I actually have to do the cc all by myself every so often. It may be intended to be done by a party, but why should I care if I'm able to do it all by myself? Currently, Sunflower is still superior to Rumblebees, so I'll stick with them. May change in the future though...
  5. Go play TERA if you want to play a Reaper. I finally want to have a Yun-exclusive class; every other race has their exclusive(s) thus far: Lyn: Bladedancer, Summoner Gon: Destroyer Jin: Assassin Now Jins also get SF though that was supposed to be for Yun and Gon only...
  6. KR's 10th June update, Classes Overhaul

    Thanks for the information, @sylarken. I'm relieved, that the cats double-stun won't get removed and that the sunflower-spamming will remain. @Grimoir: Bla bla bla... So I don't understand summoner's gameplay, because I still want to be able to do the cc's on Nexus' first boss myself since far too many only want to be carried by their AP than their brain. Seems legit. Also: I want to keep spamming my sunflower since Rumblebees is a single-target-skill, which as thus requires an actual target. That's virtually tab-targeting; at least it isn't much better. BnS was advertised with it's innovative combat-system, meaning no tab-targeting and no trinity. No need to change that. (Yeah yeah... I know that Rumblebees are far stronger than Sunflower in KR...)
  7. Poor Summoners. Not~

    Well written; one of the few objective and worthwhile reads in this thread full of saltyness.
  8. Summoner build?

    No; the reason 's actually that I don't want this game to turn into some generic tab-targeting-stuff. Nearly all of my FM's skills already require a target; don't need that on my Summoner too. It's also quite stupid to turn the Summoner into some kind of Cleric. Class-trinity + virtually tab-targeting = generic MMORPG. Just a fear of mine though...
  9. Q&A Livestream eine einzige Enttäuschung

    @Ildary: 550 AP sind je nach HM-Level mindestens True-Breeze-Waffe nebst Awakened-Oathbreaker-Accessoires. Das sind - wenn man den Gürtel nicht mitberechnet - 152 Mondsteine allein für die Waffe sowie 4 × 14, insgesamt also 208 Mondsteine. Das ist meines Erachtens nicht wenig. Zudem ist deine ständige Argumentation, Spieler würden lediglich etwas falsch machen, dezent schwach und unsachlich. Dass man keinen Loot bekommt kann neben den Performanceproblemen auch an anderen Faktoren liegen. Sei es nun, dass wirklich zu viele Spieler anwesend sind und der Boss daher wirklich zu schnell stirbt oder neben der Spiel- auch die Server-Performance zu wünschen übrig lässt. Pauschalisierungen helfen hier niemanden. Das, was MillaX da geschrieben hat, muss ich wohl kaum noch kommentieren.
  10. Summoner build?

    You may want to rethink that after reading this: Though no idea when that patch will come to us; I hope never. xd
  11. KR's 10th June update, Classes Overhaul

    The Nerf for summoners is simply not understandable. Without the Tab-Double-Stun, we loose our only safe Double-CC. Sure, we can still Double-Daze with 2 and C and Double-KD by V and E, but those are always risky since our cat is prone to being immobilized. We simply don't have sufficient control over our cat. Dungeons like Asura or Nexus will be a pain in the ass that way; especially since - yay, toxic EU/NA-community - people may end up kicking summoners from parties. I also can't understand, why they nerf our dmg-output that hard and turn Huzzah into party-heal. They just enforce the Trinity they wanted to prevent that way. We more or less already have that Trinity with BM/KFM as Tank, FM/Assassin as DDs, Summoner as Heal and Warlock as Buff-Bxtch. They also turn the combat-system into generic Tab-targeting-nonsense. Sure, it's still not real tab-targeting per se, but i comes close to it since Single-Target-skills actually need a target to being usable. Neither can I understand, why NCSoft developed such a passion for Melee-classes. They already pushed them really hard in Aion; now in BnS too. Classes like BM and KFM are already strong; no idea why they have to get stronger. Summoner is already one of the weakest PvP-classes in Kore; no need to nerf that class further.
  12. Yes, Fire Fury isn't as strong as Blazing Beam and Flame Palm, but you only need to use it every 15 seconds for the Dragonblaze-Buff and for Dual Dragons anyway. Your justification for using T3S1-Flame Palm is rather weak that way. Dual Dragons isn't such a strong skill anyway considering its fairly high CD of 18 seconds. Also: Solely building up your skills around one buff with a fairly short duration is extremely short-sighted; sure: you do insane amounts of damage by spamming Awakened Dual Dragons, but in the long term, you loose a lot of DPS since the bonus-dmg from T5S2-Flame Palm (or even T4S2) adds up to high amounts of damage. T3S1-Flame Palm also requires a Warlock in your party to be at least somewhat useful.
  13. Summoner build?

    For what do you want to have a Build? PvP or PvE? I'm actually using these skills for PvE; hope it helps. Some notes: HM-LMB is ridiculously powerful. You really want that skill; it really helps with focus-management. Speccing both 2 and C into Daze lets you effectively cc bosses; after that Double-Daze, you can also use Tab for the cats Deff-Debuff; you can also use cat-stun with Tab. Keep in mind that the second stun is a little bit delayed. Basically, you spam LMB/RMB (use both for animation-chancel and focus-regeneration) while also using F (Nettles and Doom 'n Bloom) to create the requirements for Super Sunflower. The rest 's just for survivability.
  14. Blazing Palm help

    T5S2-LMB all the way. While it's true that it's somewhat harder to gather orbs for Awakened Dual Dragons, the DPS with T5S2 still is higher overall. It's shortsighted to build up your skills around a single and short buff anyway.