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  1. Hongmoon energy (soul) mats and cost

    I aslo want to know mats for stage 2 to 3, anyone did upgrade to stage 5 and can tell us something?:D
  2. No está mal, pero sigo prefiriendo sacrificar un poco de critico (ya que llego a 57%) por ese 7% de daño crítico del set de asura
  3. PvE is laughable.

    This game have no grind compared with old version of Lineage II
  4. hogmon store buged

    you don't need premium to buy these chest but i think its not worf it because i did open 1 every day and my best reward have been 10 soulstone bundle A friend had 100 moonstones in the first try
  5. Regarding daily MM/Poh/Beastbog

    I think you are talking about these ppl that only want free taxi and NEVER go to help to make the boss spawn or even don't know how to spawn it, and only spam faction chat with things like "inv poh pls" "taxi ch1 pls" and you will never see him killing a single boss at poh24 or nsh24 to spawn poh/mm I hate them too, but If someone say that "x boss spawning" i'll ask for an invite too
  6. hogmon store buged

    GL getting gens from chest, you can buy 1/day and u need hm coins enought maybe is that
  7. Which hongmoon skills will be worth getting as summoner?

    shroud you can get from chapter 1 + chapter 2. Awesome for pvp, giving you free 3 sec sunflower spam. Decent for pve. Atm i recomend only this one to add, don't go Asura/CS cause it's only for auto detonate bomb as far as i know, weed wack skill is awesome but we can't get it yet. Aslo, i don't see V skill that useful, for x2 kd we got E+V enought atm, maybe it will not be worth cause maybe it will be so expensive, if it's few naryu silver yeah maybe worth
  8. WTB Mirage Crystal - Jiwan

    Join clan and donate, so it can be "traded"
  9. Hello! Can you help me out !

    I don't know a lot about destroyer but you can check here
  10. Ivy Poison disapear at 2 second.

    Yeah already did check it, i was mistaken. Did test it a bit, and doesn't seem to happen that thing, when the mob got Ivy poison and i do weed whack/doom n boom, the debuff works and refresh. Maybe you mean that when reach 2nd second, doesn't deal damage but it show that the mob still got the debuff?
  11. Maybe went out of combat and did change skill? i do it sometimes if i go out of combat
  12. A nice clan outfit can be made with 1500ish gold, it's not a lot if you got 10 active members, that's only 150g for each (including all materials). Ofc there are more outfits, more expensive, but with 1500g you can make a nice one. Make all memebers contribute as a clan, gl Our clan is gathering already for this, making us (the ppl who want this outfit, if another want, it later, have to pay the same amount of us, for example if we did pay 150g each, he have to pay 150g too) donate each week to make it not that hard, you can easy donate 10 soulstone/day, is not that a lot, aslo 1g/day? or 20g/week? you get a lot more from daily quest, just take time
  13. Suggestion: NPC Vendor for Soulstone?

    If you do that, you have to add more reward for arena 1v1/3v3 cause it would be worthless, aslo for faction content, you already got market to buy soulstones if you want. Do PvP dailies, gives a lot of beans, maybe it's not funny for you cause you don't like PvP, at least you get your soulstones only doing few dailies and these don't take a lot, if you reach gold (not really hard) you can get 30 soulstones/2000 beans.
  14. Cat have not that high dmg to need a nerf, when my opponent was 5% hp or less and its win 100% i try to kill with my cat to add some fun, and it take a lot, a lot more than killing him doing only basic attacks:D Other changes u said for summoner are ok for me, but reduce cat dmg why:D it have almost no dmg or maybe i'm playing wrong build and i can win 1v1 only with cat attack *o*
  15. HM Skill (lmb)

    If i'm not wrong this one got 3s overflow on counter? Or you need 300 books for this one? ^This skill would be useful in pvp