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  1. Since some people could be interested: looks like assassin got destroyed :< full article here: http://bns.plaync.com/board/job/assassin/article/11145887
  2. Yea ... Rip I guess. Even tho token description itself doesn't say anything about this limitation "Hello, The issue that you described is working as intended, as this year's Frozen Firing Range entry cannot be reset. If you acquired these resets from the previous iterations of the Frozen Firing Range, I'm afraid they cannot be used with the current event. If you feel that the functionality should be changed or could be improved, you are more than welcome to post your suggestion on our Official Forums. You can find them at the link below: https://forums.bladeandso
  3. as a returning player I have still some reset tokens from the past events left in my bank, but for some reason I can't use them as intended ?! Why ? Reset tokens for other dungeons are working perfectly fine ... http://prntscr.com/klyq9x
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