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  1. Think they want us to break... but we should not give up...
  2. So much contradiction in these posts and salt.... please keep it without emotions. People play games for many reasons, if someone is satisfied by doing milions of damage to boss while watching huge numbers popping up, it's their stuff. I won't judge.
  3. In my honest opinion... BnS is the only mmo on market that could handle this positive change. I would say that Julia's original outfit could be the reference for how max sliders should look like. Since launch I've changed the appearance of my character 7 times, would do it gladly again if sliders would be upgraded. Other option is some selected costumes, but that would be really pricy with less options... but in the end if there would be no other choice, it would be still better than nothing. On off topic I would say yun got such hard to get proportions. Especially hands ...
  4. Well tera got some cash bigger breasts items... and than some with temporary, which could result into these respectable sizes https://imgur.com/a/6kC7a
  5. Nothing has been done in this department since starting this thread, I guess we must again plead to the developers ladies and gentlemen...
  6. so it is over? the new costumes reduce the size pretty a lot
  7. what they did? >< OMG noooooooooo, that is evil
  8. yeh well there outfit is exception and only for gon : / ... not to mention you cant get it anymore... also nice char there
  9. For now lets not stray from breasts...
  10. Still can get those ears? :D So much hate ... you should let it go... also no ping problem here
  11. Magics, but yeah I wrote it before cricket is simply strong ...
  12. Character can jump 50m+ into air, have strenght to pick up stone blocks and you'r saying they can't support a pair of boobs? : /
  13. Cricket your attitude is not in harmony with hongmoon teachings... Master Hong would not be proud, let go of hatred.
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