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  1. eu server down

  2. eu server down

    Yea its down. can't enter aswell FML
  3. Holiday Bash Gift Pack Registration Feedback

    still not working and only 4 more days till deadline :/
  4. Disconnect

    Been having this error for about 6 months already!always happening when i'm on raid or loading screen. managed to fix it 'ONLY' by using exitlag.i can't afford to keep paying for VPN. i don't have any lag when even when not using any vpn. pls help im so sick of this error.
  5. So this is what i was feeling. i felt that what they're doing is that they are just in it for a quick money. like come on rng box after rng box then trove jesus no end to this shitty cycle
  6. How to get that Milk Money.

    Ehh then why not add the old event costumes to the new event then or have them at a discounted price since it used to be an event outfit.
  7. How to get that Milk Money.

    Notice how the costumes became so expensive? yeahhhh i thought so.
  8. It really happened

    As a Warden this is why i ask another warden sometimes if he spec theat because i don't want the boss to change target everytime it makes me lose my head i've read lots of thead like this in reddit its so sad that people kick other people just for the class. i mean she/he can just tell you that she/he wants to use soulburn because they have the badge isn't it?
  9. Warden in PVP

    For me Warden is not as easy class as it may seems in pvp. when i get cced its kind of hard not to use your only escape skill which is tab. for me skill 1 is so useless because of warden's slow animation. its true aswell half of the cc don't apply. so yea its super easy in pve but in pvp its like your a literal punching bag
  10. Did you try Launching the game in 32 bit?
  11. Turn weapon skins back to box

    +1 to this!! i have so many weapon skins on my summoner aswell.. i want to give some to my warden e,e