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  1. I hardly see what bots have to do with you using an exploit, as they are two entirely different situations. And the only "joke" here is that these "adults" don't know the difference between right and wrong, and what they should or should not be doing.
  2. I hate to see her go... but I love to watch her leave.
  3. Have fun playing with your imaginary friends Lup. Don't worry you gave us all some laughs too. : ) If you ever want some real people to play with you can call me anytime, you're hilarious!
  4. Maybe you could give me the number of your Head Start school and I'll look into it.
  5. Faeddon you need some love too? Here you go. I read something you posted, you're welcome. I'm sorry we've ignored you. Feeling better Faeddon?
  6. "I'm Lup, I'm going to quote everyone else and not myself. I'm not going to acknowledge ANY of the things that other users have presented to prove me wrong, and I am going to RIDE THIS DEAD DEAD DEAD horse of my friends opinions because I don't actually HAVE an opinion all the way through this thread until it gets locked. " Oh Lup, you are my muse, my flame.
  7. I'm dying I'm dead. I can't give this post enough likes, so I have to repost it. LOL
  8. Please, Lup, if you're going to quote me, at least quote the one I took the TIME to fix, that's just rude.
  9. Well I mean, at least she can use proper grammar... just sayin'.
  10. That isn't why it was called "bait". It was called bait because you sound like an idiot with this, as previously stated, dated opinion. Women don't just wear it to look like the dainty flower you are pretending they are suppose to be. They also wear it to dare I say, look sexually attractive to the other sex GASP or maybe the same sex, since you know you brought up lesbians I just feel like I should keep it in the topic. You spoke about virgin males twice, so I'm not going to remind you where you said it, if you can't remember it you probably shouldn't be posting on here. Reaching h
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