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  1. Lol, I play more video games than my fiance! He needs breaks, I play non stop for 12 hours or more. xD *Nerd*
  2. Shop it looks like. One of the winter outfits.
  3. Sigh, it's toxic in the way that you were not at all funny about what you wanted or anything like that. You were insulting to women themselves. Anyway, I support more sliders indeed, it's just the way your post came off that was really nasty. BTW, smallest boob sliders = VERY big still. I demand more smaller boob sliders then. :)
  4. It is pretty much insulting for you to say that: people are weird for liking smaller breasts or no breasts. What about the women who have none or smaller? I guess you didn't think of that since you seem to think the game has no female players, or 'less' as you say. Alot of female players are hidden because they don't like to be known as females for obvious reasons. It's also insulting for you to say: "Normal/proper breasts are big" like you say here: " Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Haters who should leave this post and Lovers who can appreciate the proper chest size. " That is all.
  5. PS, there is one thing I can agree on with another users post here. Plz fix the torpedos when they are on max. That's all. kkthxbai
  6. So big breasts are meant to be the 'normal' sized breast then? So... those women who are 'flat chested' and 'no breast' are not women? Are weird? Wow. How insulting. And yes, women do play this game too you know. I would say this game has more modest outfits than most mmos, e.g Tera. I ALSO think, the breasts can become OBSCENELY large in this game, so I don't understand why you'd want breasts that literally cannot fit on the body. Go and play Scarlet blade if that's your thing. Seriously. I don't think I'd like to play with someone who is as toxic as you.
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